Blizzcon on DirecTv

Where to start? Wow, what a day I had Saturday. As most, if not all of you know, Blizzcon was this weekend in Anaheim, California. It would have been awesome to fly out to Cali, meet all of the other bloggers and podcasters that all congregated to find out any bit of info that blizzard was giving out on the upcoming expansion for wow, Wrath of the Lich King, as well as eat up any and all info on the other two big Blizz projects coming out in the next 5-10 years.( Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2)

I however didn’t have the luxury of being able to fly to Cali, so instead, I put down the 40 bucks to watch the entire weekend at home, on my directv service. Friday, when the con started, my wife and I had plans with some friends of ours. This could have been troublesome for my blizzcon viewing, but luckily through the magic of technology, I was able to record all eight hours of coverage the first day on my Tivo!

This brings me to Saturday. It was a chilly morning in south east Kansas. Their was dew on the grass, a chill in the air, and me being awakened by a phone call. It was Nimrock asking what I prefered to go with donuts, juice or chocolate milk. Not that I’m wanting to get into another pancake/waffle, pie/cake, juice/milk debate, but chocolate milk FTW. So I crawl out of bed, brush my teeth, get around, you know all of the morning crap you are forced to do so people don’t think you hole up in your mom’s basement and play World of Warcraft all day. ( I just realized I described what is probably half of my readers! J/K) After going down stairs to wait on Nim to show up, I Qued up the ol’ blizzcon Friday coverage and sat waiting.

A few minutes later Ol’ Nim shows up. About ten minutes later Rhyse, a newly converted to wow from EQ2 player, arrived as well. It was time. We all piled into the living room, and vegged out for the remainder of the day. Watching two full days of coverage (18+ hours of coverage).  This was any WoW nerds dream, well, second to actually being in Anaheim.

Before I actually start talking about what was covered at Blizzcon, let me talk to you about some of our expectations going into Blizzcon. When I say our expectations, I am refering to Rhyse and Nim as well. We expected to hear som HUGE news about wow…not so much. They gave some details about upcoming class changes with 3.02 or whatever the patch tuesday is called, but then again, blizzcon on directv…not really worth the 40 bucks if you have no interest in Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2. Not that I am totally not into those, I think Starcraft looks AMAZING. I’ll have to say my favorite panels were the PVP, the dungeons panel, and the class discussions panels. Hinter questions were few and far between though… Oh well, al in all it was cool. I played wow on teh laptop the entire time I watched, so I earned 10k honor and a crap top of marks during teh day, so the time spent talking about crap I didn’t care about wasn’t totally wasted!

For detailed info about blizzcon, check out Wow Insider, or any of the other major wow sites. Until Tuesday, enjoy the way things are, because Tuesday brings in some HUGE changes!



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