Saturday night and picking up in Gruul’s Lair…

So Reav asked me to go to Gruuls tonight to fill a spot for his guild’s raid.  Originally he asked me to go as the mage tank, but they eventually grabbed another mage to tank, so I went along as regular ole dps.  I haven’t raided on any of toons in at least a month, and I don’t think I’ve raided as a mage for at least three months.  Despite that, I had been doing a lot of pvp on the mage lately, so it wasn’t like trying to relearn everything all over again.

Anyways, we cleared the trash and started in on High King.  Mage tank went down quick the first pull due to bad positioning and bad luck.  We reset and tried again.  This time, as I’m dps on the priest, we had him down to about 20% I hear over vent that the Mage went down again.  I decided that I didn’t feel like running all the way back out, so I decided to act!  Cliche, I know, but its true :D.  Anyways, I clicked off my salv buff, spell stole Krosh’s shield, popped icy veins and my trinket and started in with the dps.  Now, I’m frost, since the most of the stuff I do with Fikkle involves running lowbies or doing pvp.  So frost works for me.  I don’t generally like to respec for one specific thing unless I think I’m going to use the new spec for a while, so I stayed frost. 

Now, I don’t know how I managed to grab aggro, especially so quickly, but within three or for frostbolts, I had Krosh’s attention.  A quick call in vent for heals on the new Mage tank, and I managed to save the raid from another wipe.  The healer (whoever it was) managed to keep me alive, and I managed to get Krosh’s shield everytime it went up, and he went down.

After that, only High King himself was left standing so we quickly downed him and moved on.  All in all, it was a pretty successful raid and I was pretty proud of myself for managing to pick up a potential fire bomb in the middle of the raid.

With WOTLKEE so close, I doubt very much anyone even cares about Gruuls anymore, but there will be raids in the expansion and quick thinking and flexibility will always be a help in a tight situation.  So, here’s a little pat on the back for myself, which is always nice :D.


— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you!


PS. A little shout out to Sabiba from Cenarion Circle.  Sabiba heard me and Sy on the Twisted Nether and has been reading the blog ever since!  Sabiba said hi in game yesterday, which was a nice little ‘geeking out’ moment for me as its the first time a reader’s asked if I was ‘Fikkle from For the Horde!’  Damn skippy!  Hope the arenas went well Sabiba!


5 Responses to “Saturday night and picking up in Gruul’s Lair…”

  1. @ Fikkle- I love those little “geek out” moments! It’s totally cool when someone recognizes your work!

    I’ll be posting a long one later today about the benefits/downfalls of watching blizzcon via DirecTv.


  2. Wait…no comments about the wipefest in Kara?

  3. There shall be no mention of the wipefest in Kara…

  4. Geek away

    It was kinda a geek out moment for me too! It was cool to see another blogger that I read and talk to them a little bit.

    Oh, and Arena’s went okay… it was like 6-4… 4 being the wins… it was better than last week!

    Hunters in arena ≠ win :/

    That’s why I’m working on a Druid that I’m eventually going to play in arenas once I hit 80… when ever that happens 😛

    Hope to see you online more!


  5. […] at 70, four were dps spec’d and another was a healer.  So I never really tanked (aside from Mage-tanking Krosh).  Its interesting and challenging to see how the mechanics work in different fights, and […]

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