Mogana's New Hotness!


Thanks to Pie, Nim, Vru and Sy for the help 😉

— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you!


4 Responses to “WooT!”

  1. Note to self: Having a prot pally heal this adventure is bad news. WTB real heals.

    I tanked the imps like a champ though.

  2. Yes you did…. Your reward shall be Peach Cobbler… this week’s Pie of the, err, week…

    – Fikkle

  3. I’m so glad I could help! It was awesome all that stuff that we did in there, with all the things, and at that place! Wow guys, great bonding experience doing the stuff, at the place…with the things…

    ((So I take it getting Sy to unlock the door was a go, huh nim? Glad I could help!))


  4. Sy L2sayno2homework

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