Confessions of a Relapsed Gamer

Good morning Azeroth! This morning, as I came out of my hut, smelled the fresh Orgrammar air, I felt good. For the first time in weeks I knew everything was okay. My axe was sharp, my mind was clear, and here I was, at home in Azeroth.

Now that I’ve lost some of you due to the quasi-RP-ishness of that last statement, let me explain to everyone what I am talking about, a confession if you will. Well, maybe not a confession, as none of you are priests…eccept maybe pugnatious! 

For the past month, I have been lusting after another game, a game from my past. Not the beauty of the RVR system of Warhammer Online, or the promise of games to come, cough *KOTOR Online* cough. No, my desire wasn’t even for other MMO’s I’ve never played. It was for a game I had played for two years. A game I dedicated alot of time too, and loved the lore, even looked past borked gameplay because of the lore.

I was almost through the temptation, and had all but put it out of my head, when a fellow wow gamer, someone I would consider a friend, brought up the mistress game of my past. We were chatting on skype that day, and he brought up the idea of trying out star wars galaxies. ( I can’t even capitalize letters in the game’s title it hurts so bad!)   This friend, whom will remain unnamed, had downloaded the two week trial of said MMO. I argued about why I wouldn’t go back to galaxies, and had even convinced myself that I had beaten the demons that were pulling me back in.

Then came the kicker. You see, over Skype, I can hear things going on in the background at said friends house….and there it was. It was like sweet necter to my ears, the sound so soothing I drifted back to a time when the hiss of a lightsaber, the roar of a rankor, and the scream of tie engines danced in my ears. The star wars galaxies loading music in the background did me in.

At this point the whole temptation over the past two weeks had come down on me at once. I logged out of wow, and began downloading the free trial. ( I tried getting my old account back, but it was gone, it’s been long enough that it was wiped clean…) As I sat there practically swearing at said friend, I decided that I had to get off of the computer, as it would be an hour or so for the trial to download.

Flash to the next evening. I sat down at my computer, turned on skype, and low and behold, there was my friend, playing galaxies. I had to log in. I put in my account info, and hit the button…There I was, at the character creation page. The background music was so inviting, but something about it felt so wrong. I scanned through the species, the wookies, zabrak’s, twilek’s, rodians, humans, trandoshans, bothans, ithorians, and sulistans….then it hit me… I wasn’t on a familiar Azerothian landscape…I was in a galaxy far far away, and a long time ago…

I rolled up a wokkie Jedi, because lets face it, if I’m gonna roll in galaxies, it’s gonna be a jedi. I get into the game, and get a feel for how the controls are so diffarent from wow. The new game enhancements were coming back to me, and the control schemes flooded back. The game was fun, and for about a week and a half it held my hand, walked me through a galaxy far far away.

One day I was out killing womprats and worgs outside of Tatoine, and it hit me. I began to feel a sense of longing for Azeroth. A sense that I was betraying my friends here in Azeroth. I rode my speeder back to town, and gave the game a salute, and logged out.

The mistress has lost its hold on me. I am free at last. Galaxies is in my past again. looking back, I see that it was just a longing for a lore that I once loved, and still do. The Star Wars universe is huge, immersive, and holds a special place in my heart. The friends I have here in wow, and the community that has risen up out of a game such as wow ( that’s you bloggers) is like no other. The galaxies community was never this great IMO. I never remember seeing as many bloggs about galaxies, and those that were out there, meh, not as good as you guys!!!

So, I want to say, I love you guys, I love Azeroth, and even though I have strayed, Iam back. I’ll be here in Wow for the forseeable future, and galaxies has been deleted from my gaming machine. That evil mistress has no hold on me. Thank you guys, you are my one true game love!

A Friends a Friend Forever...

A Friends a Friend Forever...


6 Responses to “Confessions of a Relapsed Gamer”

  1. I object STRENUOUSLY to the implication that you only have one priest reading your blog, sirrah!

    SWG used to be so incredible. The animal tamer line drew me like a moth to a flame. The character creation was incredible, and I fell in love with bothans the first time they appeared on the screen.

    The glow soon fades, though, as the gameplay itself suffers in comparison to WoW. But oh, it is such a PRETTY game. ❤

    The Wildlife of Star Wars is one of my prized art books.

  2. xenothaulus Says:

    Damn you NGE. Damn you to hell!

  3. Why would you do that? Why would you mention KOTOR mmo? I am sure I’ll drop wow like a cheating girlfriend when that game comes out because, well, ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!

  4. @Ego- sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you out in the cold there!

    @Xeno- Seconded.

  5. @ Sylus – That friend of yours must be a real jerk to tease with you the music like that. You should totally mail a facepalm to Canada for him… errr… I mean…. Nevermind, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

    – Fikkle

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