So a few weeks back, PIE mentioned that he came up with a great idea for the ultimate power team.  Pie has pretty much been sucked into the black void that is our usual group of friends, now fairly firmly ensconced on Cenarion Circle, and so, we are planning to level in WOTLKEE as a group.  A FIVE HUNTER GROUP OF AWESOME EXTREME MQoSRDPS, UTILITY, AND ALL AROUND DEVASTATION.

We’ve talked a bit about it further.  So I’m just gonna give a bit of a rundown here. 

PIE (Gorilla/Bear/Rhino) He’s gonna be our tank with the Tier 5 bonus!
GRIM (Wolf) AP buff and dps
ABA (Wasp) Armor debuff and dps
NIM (Moth) Dps. Nim’s also planning to go MM for TSA
VRU (Ravager) Stun and dps.

So none of that is set in stone or anything, but I’m pretty sure that 3 Ferocious Inspirations, a True Shot Aura, Armor debuffs, AP buffs and a built-for-any-situation tenacity pet is going to bring the pain Hunter style!  I don’t think we’ll be able to do 5 mans without a true healer, but for general questing in Northrend, nothing is going to stand a chance!  The choice of pets isn’t set in stone or anything, but we’ve been keeping up with the BRK podcast trying to find out which pets have some of the better abilities and how we might make the group synergy that much better.  If you have any suggestions, let us know!

We may do some re-jigging as well if a couple others in our group, Khaza and Spiffie, both ding 70 on their hunters before WOTLKEE hits, but for the moment, the 5 Hunter Group of Awesome Bonanza-Ganza is something that’s got me extremely excited for the expansion. 

As a hunter enthusiast, this idea sounds like so much fun, I can’t wait to get out there and get to huntering!

 One last thing.  Vrugore, one of my RL friends, is the first character that he’s gotten to 70.  He’s my friend that I recruited through the recruit a friend promotion, and he ding’d 70 for the first time a few days ago.  So a great big grats to Vru from tha INTERTUBZ!  Also, Spiffie, an RL friend of Sylus has recently hit 60 on his hunter, and has ventured into Outlands for the first time.  So a Grats to him, and keep on leveling, you’re getting close!

— Fikkle

May the Horde be with you!



  1. First thing, we are running ramps as a group to see how it goes.

  2. […] them on the Power Team. Or the National Lampoon’s Hunter Leveling Group. Here’s the post So as you can see, I am the hunter tank. Mostly because I have the Tier 5 bonus which means my pet […]

  3. Moth, I’m taking the moth.

  4. @ Nim – Edited. I apologize for continuing to get that wrong.

  5. @Pie – WOW, Ramps will be made ours to own…you know what I’m sayin!

    @Fik- Yeah, moth for nim, lol, I mess it up all teh time too, I keep thinkin worm!

    @Nim – You will take what you get, and you will like it!

    @Powaaaaaaahhhhh a.k.a. Pie – Yes, tier 5 is epic win, you are the tank.

    @Pie – I kind of disagree with you on the survival = suck email… we may have to relook at it. I was looking through, it isn’t horrible, is it? I may be dreaming though…

    @ you, the loyal readers…which I may have already addressed with those peopel I pointed out already… Keep coming back, the hunter party of awesomeness will rock Northrend!!!


  6. Sy,

    I dunno, it just seems the things that made survival awesome currently were stripped out. It’s sorta the “gimmick” build now. It might be beneficial for a group, even a raid to bring some things to the game. I haven’t really looked over the BRK Forums to see what the old guard thinks because I have been studying up on petatanking.

    I really need to update the PTR and run in and respec to see what the new talents bring. I was running BM heavy heavy during my time in the PTR.

  7. Yeah, well, if all else fails, we can play around with the talents tuesday evening!

  8. […] Wolf (Ferocity): This is going to be my leveling pet.  Seeing as how we’re planning the 5HPoA, I’m bringing the wolf for Furious Howl.  I’ll likely be ’sending him to the […]

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