Email Question and Recruit a Friend

So the other day I received our second email question EVAR!  Okay, so not a huge deal, but I was super excited.  Matthias and Emi wrote asking:

Hello, I have found good info for me on your site. 🙂 I was wondering if the 90 day bonus counts for all characters or only for 1? The Blizzard site isn’t clear for me and the Zhevra mount, how is it used? Mailed as an item? Can it be given to the friend or how does it work all together?

Thanks from Matth & Emi 🙂

So I did edit the question a bit, but I assure you I can haz permissions!

Well to the question.  First of all, a great big thanks to Matthias and Emi for taking the time to read the blog.  Its always nice to know there are real people out there on the intertubes. 

On to Recruit a friend.  The recruit a friend applies to all characters that are on the two linked accounts.  So if Emi recruits Matthias, then it would count for every character on her account and his.  Now a few things about that.  If the level differences between the two characters is more than 7, they won’t get triple xp for killing mobs (if the mobs are grey to one toon, neither gets 3x xp).  So if she ran a 70 with a level 1 toon, it wouldn’t work.  If they started together, then it will. 

The Zhevra mount is given to the account that recruited the friend.  So if Emi recruited Matthias, then her account would be given the mount.  It is equivalent to a level 60 epic riding mount.  Once the new account has paid for a two month subscription, Emi can go on to her account management page on the Blizzard website and select one of her toons to give the mount to.  It will then show up in her mail box.  It’s soulbound, so it can’t be traded and she’ll only get it once.  So she should be sure of which toon she wants it on before she chooses.
Other than that, there’s a few more neat things.  The grant a level ability is really cool.  Matthias’ account will be able to grant any toon on Emi’s account a free level for every two levels he gets, up to level 60.  So if his toon hits 30, he can grant one of her toons from level 1 to level 15.  If he hit 60, he can grant from 1-30 or 30-59, etc.
A few last things, they should have each other in their friends list and be partied together to get the triple xp (and to be able to summon each other).  The 3x xp has range restrictions, which I’ve found to be about 30 yards, so if she turns a quest in when he’s outside that range, she’ll miss out on the triple xp and just get regular xp.  Same for killing mobs.  They also get triple rep bonuses while they’re grouped and they won’t use up any rested bonus either.
Hope that clears a few things up.  I’ve found the Recruit a Friend promotion to be both fun and expensive.  Since I’ve started, I’ve managed to level:
Enhance Shaman, 60
Resto Shaman, 60
Demo Warlock, 60
Prot Pally, 63
Ret Pally, 24
BM Hunter, 37
Sutblety Rogue, 43
Assasin Rogue, 39
Fury Warrior, 30
Holy Priest, 30
So I realize there is a huge bit of altaholism in there.  I know, I’m an addict.  To be fair though, so of those were leveled only to help my friend get a few toons up and some are the ones I dual box with that I just haven’t finished yet.
I’m hoping to get a Rogue, Warrior and Priest up to 60 before the promotion ends, and eventually I’m going to try my hand at trip boxing the two Shammys and Warlock from 60-70.  I’m waiting on getting the Dreadsteed, which is a long, expensive quest.
“May the Horde be with you!”

4 Responses to “Email Question and Recruit a Friend”

  1. Bit of correction, the level grants stop at 29 per character, since that is all you can actually earn. (once you ding 60 all is lost so you have to grant the levels at 59)

  2. @ Pie – Actually, this does continue to work at level 60. Reav and Pel tested it out with their latest toons and Reav was able to grant her toon even after his toon ding’d 60. Now that being said, you are right that it is only 29 levels and not 30. Edited.

  3. Thanks for the clarify, I wasn’t positive on the 60 part (ie can you still give a level)

  4. TwinShammies Says:

    Just as an addition. Once you hit 60 you can no longer summon the other person or get 3X xp but you can grant levels as long as you have some to grant. This includes being able to grant someone to level 60 (but not beyond).

    The nice thing though is that you keep the percentage of xp that you required for level. So say for example you have 29 levels to grant. If the toon you are granting levels to can get to level 31.99 then when you grant the levels they will be at level 60.99. Just getting to outland at that point would probably get you to ding 61 just from the zone discoveries.

    Another thing is that you can have multiple characters grant levels to the same character. So if you have two toons that you levelled to 60 then each toon would have 29 levels to gift. You can essentially get a new toon to level 2.9 and grant them 58 levels. Boom instance 60.

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