Mount Quest!

So, I have revamped my strategy on how to spend my time over the next month and a half until wrath comes out. Instead of getting 20thousand gold, I plan on attaining 50 mounts. There is a new achievement coming in the new system, that gives you an albino drake as a reward for attaining the magic number 50 rides, and it looks sweet. Here is a pic.




Here is a list of what I have so far.

Orc land mounts: 6

Horn of the swift gray wolf, Horn of the swift timber wolf, Horn of the swift brown wolf, horn of the brown wolf, horn of the dire wolf, horn of the timber wolf

Horde Flying Mounts:7

green windrider, blue windrider, tawny windrider, swift yellow windrider, swift purple windrider, swift green windrider, swift red windrider

Maghar talbuks: 8

cobalt war talbuk, cobalt riding talbuk, white war talbuk, white riding talbuk, silver war talbuk, silver riding talbuk, tan war talbuk, tan riding talbuk

Skyguard netherrays: 5

silver riding netherray, blue riding netherray, purple riding netherray, red riding netherray, green riding netherray

Recruit a Friend Zevra: 1

In total I have 27 at this point. If I can get exalted with the trolls, tauren, and undead then I can get another 18 mounts. This will total me to 45…

Then I’m looking at the 5 pvp mounts, which I don’t have, the netherdrakes, which I haven’t even started…eek, and the Hallaa talbuk, and I know I’m missing some, but I’m at school and don’t want to look the rest up. Either way, I’ve got alot of work to do! So, I better get back at it! I’ll keep you all updated to my progress. Until then, stay classy, and watch out for Pie, He’s been throwing things…like books and cakes.

~Uncle Sy


3 Responses to “Mount Quest!”

  1. Kinzlayer Says:

    I will be working towards the proto-drake, imo the various colors drakes really does not appeal to me, the head looks too much like a worm’s head.

  2. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    I just dont have the bag space yet for all those mounts… but its something I would like to have too 😛

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