My last post inspired Cynra to come up with what I was describing…and I AM BLOWN AWAY! I had to post it here, you are a genius Cy, I love it! I want to shoot you some screenshots of my toon and have you come up with a banner for me and fikkle! We might even compensate you for it! Everyone get over to her site, check it out, the site is top notch, and I LOVE HER WORK! So, here’s a look at RETURN OF THE ABA!!!!




5 Responses to “HOLY CRAP!”

  1. Oh nooooooooes. I didn’t expect you to make a post about it! Haha, I’m laughing; I just thought that it would be fun to post something, just to let you know that you’re not having a bad dream. It was fun.

    Let me know what you fellows want and I’ll take some time to put something together for you — something on which I spend more than just a half hour working! I had a blast just dabbling away.

  2. I’m glad you just threw it together,lol. It just gives me a taste of what you can do! I’ll get with you personally on what we might be looking for with a banner or something, I’ll use your email in your contact page on your blog..there was an email there right? I’ll check. Thanks again for the awesome poster! It really was a highlight of my day! I was totally geeking about it!


  3. I’m sad, I will have to wait till I go home to see what you two are talking about as Cynra’s blog is blocked at work.

  4. Sylus: If it’s not there, look at my comment in WordPress. The email is listed there. The contact form has been a bit quirky on my page: some people have said that they’ve had problems using it to reach me. I’ll probably revert to putting together my own contact form and posting it there.

    Kinzlayer: Aww, sorry, fellow! My old job used to block out my site on a regular basis and then one day I checked it on whim and saw that it was accessible again! The number of posts I managed to spit out in a week increased significantly at that point. What better time to write a post than when you’re waiting for a database to compile lubrication data on a couple of thousand points?

  5. I can’t wait for the poster:

    Murlocs of the Old Republic!


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