Bad Dreamin? or Real Life Scheming?

Once was an Orc-wookie named Aba. He was a Beast-Master-Jedi-Hunter… With bow in one hand, lightsaber in the other, and a white cat/rancor rolling out to tank the crap out of stuff. Running around Tattoine-outlands killing womprats-fel pigs…I hope I was dreaming…


3 Responses to “Bad Dreamin? or Real Life Scheming?”

  1. Neither, sir, for you are a visionary!

    Amazing what you can do with the model viewer and thirty minutes on Photoshop. Apologies for bastardizing the Return of the Jedi poster; as a fellow Star Wars fan I’m cringing. Ah well!

  2. What kind of pizza did you eat before bed?

    It’s that or drugs, legal and/or otherwise.

    Or my previous theory that you are stone cold crazy might explain things.

    Cynra does haz skillz though.

  3. I’m guessing the theory that I am stone cold crazy…that theory has promise!

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