Wow or Homework…

Hello everyone out there on the interwebs that cares about this stuff!….okay, so that might just be Nim and Pie, but meh, oh well! I woke up to the smell of pancakes this morning, what a wonderful surprise. I didn’t have to do anything but hours and hours of homework today, of which I have yet to start. I got up rather early( I mentioned the pancakes part right?) Anyway, so I got up early and decided I’d bust out a set of daily quests on Aba real quick, then get to homework. Then I decided to do some mining…then some auction-housing…then another round of mining…You get the point right? Yup, still haven’t done my homework. I gotta do that. But, in better news, 14000 to get to my origional 16000 goal. Although, I’m still waiting to see the final price, as wow head has the mammoth reins listed at 15000 gold…if that is the case, then I only have 13k to go! Woot! That’s like keeping the price the same, and giving me a thousand gold!

Speaking of giving me a thousand gold, I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you, the 4thehordereading public. I have a serious matter at hand, if you don’t mind. The Foundation for the Mammoth Mount Foundation is currently taking donations so that one day soon, hopefully on November 13th, Abadon and Fikkle, and one lucky winner can ride around together on 4the horde’s very own Mammoth Mount. How can I be that lucky third person, as most of you are asking yourself right now…well, I’ll tell you. Just donate some gold, preferably large sums, to Abadon on the cenarian circle server. Thank you for a moment of your time, now back to your regularly scheduled reading programming.

Fikkle has been a bit irregular in the game as of late, I assume he’s doing some top secret assignment, like infiltrationg the alliance ranks and taking down Stormwind city from the inside….or off doing real life stuff. Either way, he will be back soon. Wether or not he will post about it is a diffarent story! Until my next entry, Stay Smexy Interwebs!

~Uncle Sy


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