15,000 Gold to Go, and Counting….

So, I am uber excited about the new mammoth caravan mount coming with Wrath of the Lich King. I now have about two and a half months to get in gear, stop lvling the crap out of alts, and start saving for my mount. It is going to come with a vendor! That alone is worth the gold to me. Even with fully tricked out bags, I still loose an entire bag slot with my quiver, and all my trinkets, food, gear, and sweet stuff in my bags, I end up with 2 18 slot bags to fill with crap out on long grinding/ daily questing sessions. To be able to whip out my mount, vendor my trash, and keep going, PRICELESS! Well, not actually priceless, it does have a price tag, 16,000 Gold. I started saving two nights ago, and had only 200G to my name. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on my progress.

And, just in case anyone was wanting to maybe donate to the cause, I’ll call it the Caravan Cause Foundation, just ship all unwanted gold to Abadon on the Cenarian Circle server! It will be going to a good cause. Trust me, fikkle and I will love riding around on my, I mean, the foundation’s mount!

~Uncle Sy


5 Responses to “15,000 Gold to Go, and Counting….”

  1. Before I donate I’ll need to see the balance sheet and rules and oversight procedures to make sure funds aren’t being diverted to allow Fikkle and/or Abadon to purchase drugs, sex or rock and roll. And we won’t even go into buying gnomes. That’s just sick AND wrong.

  2. You don’t have to worry, abadon is having oversight over the whole foundation, and Fikkle gave up his gnome addiction after he had his kidnapped. (I’m also convinced he set that kidnapping up, if not just so he could collect the ransom money himself…) As for drugs sex and rock and roll…we play wow dude, come on, really?

  3. Quit levelling alts? Seriously…

  4. well, not totally seriously,lol, especially with our 40ish’ers out there!

  5. um…yeah. Who’s leveling alts in the late 20’s? Or has alts/mains in the late 50’s? I need dps for my pally, don’t make me go ret!

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