The Friday Post That Should Have Been or Duel Boxing Shenanigans

Duel Boxing Shenanigans

Over the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with some duel boxing techniques. You would think I could have posted about this sooner, and all of you are thinking it! You would be wrong. Life has been busy busy busy! School has picked up and is now at a crazy pace. That is fine and all, I expected this to happen, after all this is college! Homework has been steady, and tests are starting up. Yes, tests…any of you have a shiver run up your spine too? Good, I’d hate to be the only one! On top of that there are several other projects that have been coming up I’ve got my hands in. It’s okay though, because here is the long post I’ve been promising on Keyclone.

First off, what is keyclone? Well, I’m glad you asked, Keyclone is a program that can be used to link two instances of the same game, running on the same computer, so that actions are performed in both instances through one set of key strokes. Did I lose anyone there? No? Good, because I almost lost myself! You can find this wonderful too at  This sight has the download, and several useful guides on how to set this up for your game and what it can be used for.

It was tough at first for me to even figure out what they were talking about in the tutorials. Once I figured out how to link two instances of world of warcraft, I went through the arduous process of setting up which keys I wanted linked, which were unneeded, and how the interaction of each class would work.

I started off thinking to myself, “man, I think a tank and healer would be great together.” I was way off. This would be a bit harder to figure out what moves to link via keyclone, as not every move that I do with a warrior would be lined up with the same move for each situation for a priest.  So, I did some research, saw what others were using with keyclone, and decided that the same class would be great. I could do identical moves at the same time. Mages were very popular. They could burn stuff down fast, and usually before they got to your avatar. I didn’t like working the mages though. I then settled in on two shammies. This is a great combo. They have more survivability than mages, would eventually have rez capabilities, and both could heal. This seemed like a logical choice. It is. I’m only 15 lvl’s into this duel boxing these shammies, but love it. They are great when I keep them full of mana, and use them as nuking casters.  I will be duel boxing these guys in my spare time, at least until they hit 60, then who knows. Playing them as casters has worked well, and I think they wouldn’t do as well as melee dps’ers, as I keep one on follow; therefore he sands a step behind the lead character.

One thing I want t caution you on. If you have trouble running wow on high settings, DO NOT duel box.  It can crash your comp, slow it down to a crawl, or not run wow at all with two going at the same time. If, on the other hand, your computer runs smoothly running wow with higher settings, and you are thinking, hmm, duel boxing sure sounds cool, then this might be for you. This isn’t the cheapest gaming pass time. If you duel box, you are required to have two accounts, therefore, 15 bucks per account X2=30 bucks per month.  If you plan on triple boxing, (never tried it, but I THINK my computer could handle it) would run you 45 bucks per month. There is also an initial cost for keyclone. It has a onetime fee of 19.99. This isn’t horrible, and if you have to reload your operations system, you can download it again for free on the same machine.

All in all this has been a great experiment and I will continue to see how it goes as my toons get a bit higher. It went really quickly to get to lvl 15, but I also had the luxury of having triple experience from the recruit a friend offer.  If you have any questions about keyclone, go to their website, they have a very nice FAQ page that can answer most of your questions. If you have any questions for me about keyclone, go ahead and ask, the worse I can say is, “sorry, I’m stupid, you’re on your own.” So, give it a try if you are interested, t goes quicker than the “controlling one toon with the other on follow” way of doing things.

~Uncle Sy


9 Responses to “The Friday Post That Should Have Been or Duel Boxing Shenanigans”

  1. I was thinking of the same setup a tank and healer. In my mind the healer just stands there and you only use say Ctrl + keystrokes for the healer, and the rest you use for the tank.

    I saw this addon and thought it was a good idea:

    I like the sticky autofollow.

  2. Oh I forgot.

    In my experience those collect this many items quests suck because you need to do them twice. I’ve decided to just skip those unless the quest reward is awesome.

  3. Yeah, I skipped those as well. With the 3x xp, who needs em anyway, right? I’ll have to look into remapping thigns and having the ctrl + stuff…the tank healer thing is loking promising again…but first these shammies with my VERY simple setup,lol.

  4. Hmm…4 person group sounds..interesting.

  5. Hey I face the same problem too! It’s really irritating. When it gets real bad, what I do is just run a computer check up. That usually does the trick in solving all these issues. You might want to give it a try too, i believe its free at

  6. I bought keyclone and first started out with two shammies (just for kicks since I had never played one before) which were just murdering things so quickly it was a little ridiculous. (I actually am a total noob to wow and have only one other character, my lvl63 lock, so this would be my first ‘alt’)…anyway, I’ve been playing a priest/mage combo, which so far (I too am at lvl 15 with them) is working out really well. They kill things quickly enough that I rarely need to use the priest to heal (and the priest is “shadow”) though I have noticed that the mage levels a little faster (I have no idea why this is, as they are killing all the same mobs, and started out at the same level, and the mage has only done one quest different from the priest so far)…anyway, just a suggestion. I have no idea how complicated this will get at later levels, but so far so good – they can buff each other, the mage can make food/water, the priest can heal, it is a fun combo to play.

  7. Thanks for the tip sidney, glad to see another newer player to the game! Get that lock to 70 though, you don’t want to be on the sidelines when everyone else is going to Northrend!

  8. I was finishing up my quests in Zangarmarsh the other night when a group of ally decided to camp out hunters on the roofs of Centurion post and slaughter/camp us for over an HOUR. I love PvP but hate when folks do stuff like that – what exactly is the point, how much honor is a lvl70 getting from killing me 20 times?

  9. None, but hey, it’s a blast! That’s why I play on a care bear server! Give Cenarian Circle a try if you want some awesome lvling fun. Look up anyone in Waraxe and say Hi. Fikkle, me, Nim, Pie, and lots of others around to goof with. That’s if you want to get to 70!!!

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