Dear Blizzard,

We here at For The Horde have often dealt with your lighter side with a feint hard and an audible chuckle.  Your April 1st announcements are often greeted with smiles and jokes, much to our amusement.  That’s because we know they are shenanigans.  We understand that you like to partake in Tomfoolery from time to time. 

But we, here at For The Horde, cannot sit idly by while you attempt to tear the fabric of the space time continuum and utterly destroy the universe as we know it.

Surely, you must understand that this is a mistake:

For we all KNOW that the cake, indeed, IS a lie.  We have known this for some time.  Surely you must realize that this is the next WoW killer.  Although your competitors may not realize it, it will take merely but the promise of pie for your 10 million-ish subscribers to go play another game.  It could be Hello Kitty Island Adventures.  It could be Pokemon Online.  It could be Everquest.  (Well, okay, Everquest may be pushing it, but you get the idea).

Please, Blizzard, we here at For The Horde cannot advocate you taking such a drastic course of action.  You must think of your employees and their wives, and husbands and children.  Think of Tiny Tim, who won’t be getting a new leg this Christmas, all because you promised Cake.  Please Blizzard, heed our warning, do not promise that which we all know is a lie.  Promise the only epic reward that will satisfy all.  Promise Pie.

For The Pie!



— Fikkle


4 Responses to “It IS SOOOOO A Lie!”

  1. And sadly my hunter has that recipe. And I think I’ve made one even.

    Where is our pie recipes?

    /yell Kahhhhhhhhhh…errrr Pieeeeeeeeeeee

  2. I gotta ask, so pie…were we wrong all of this time…is the cake a lie? is the pie a lie? I don’t know what to think…my world is turned upside down…

  3. Once I ate said cake I was not happy for one hour. In fact, IIRC (even if not recalling correctly I am sticking with this story) I died soon afterward.

    So my case against cake:

    1) It is a lie. See story about me dying after eating cake /= happy.

    2) Pie is as American as well..Apple Pie.

    3) Sure we have cake and Ice Cream, but we have a fancy name for Pie and Ice cream. This also proves that Ice Cream can make cake edible.

    4) Cow Pie, Mud Pie, Pie in the Sky. Oh yeah you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    5) Men in Black II…they go for pie..not cake. Super Secret organization defending the world against alien invaders prefers Pie over Cake.

    6) PI

    7) Google: 1,440,000 for cake is a lie. 9,240,000 for pie is awesome

  4. Numba 8 Reason:

    My bank alts new guild (for bank tabs of course) is:

    The Cake is a Lie!

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