For The Horde Pie? For The Pie Horde?

For The Horde Pie?  For the Pie Horde?  We’re not quite sure.  We’re totally lost on how to RP this.  But we know its going to be epic.

A great big CC (Sheep, Sap or Trap, your choice) welcome to PIE who has joined our gang of delinquints in a world of RP goodness.

Welcome aboard Pie!  Just, um, make sure you don’t cross the streams.  I mean, we all know we wouldn’t want total pietonic reversal.  Duh.




— Fikkle


3 Responses to “For The Horde Pie? For The Pie Horde?”

  1. We’ve all told you in game, welcome to our bunch of crazies, but let me make it permanent here on the blog. Welcome! We could all use a bit more pie! And we got ours!

  2. Welcome to CC pie, all pastries are welcome in our happy band.

  3. Pallies don’t need no stinkin CC.

    I need to get a posterboard with everyone’s name and plethora of alts on a chart so I can keep everyone straight.

    And then some of you use different Vent names…bad

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