Also not my post for the day!

If any of you Twitter, you can follow me there if you are that twisted!

Enjoy the ride!


4 Responses to “Also not my post for the day!”

  1. So, um, if these ‘aren’t’ your posts for the day, where are they? Huh? What’s that? Don’t hear ya! What? You gonna cry? You gonna cry like a little girl? Who wants to wear the daddy pants now?

    Lol, keep posting dude, cause obviously it gives people something to read, other than my non-posts.

    So Say We All

  2. Yeah, I am still plugging away at my post on duel boxing and the tools I’m using. I wanted to post it Friday, so those “these are not my posts” posts, have now become my posts for friday…confusing huh? Anyway, I’m going to try to finish it up today and get it posted tonight. I hope I do, because Ihave nothing else to post about today! Well, I could go on a rant about how brewfest is now a clone of holloween…with the boss fight for the mount crap. Anyway, off to do my brewfest quests!…crap, I mean math class….gotta go to math class….that’s like one of those really boring grind quests…accept for your mind.

  3. Yes, please post duel boxing tips cuz I need to learn how to dual box better

    Seriously, I do want to allow it to work smoother for me.

  4. I am going to boycott this blog until Fikkle posts again.

    Or hold my breath.

    Or not give out any pie.

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