Crazy Day!

OY! What a day, all I want to do is play, but I have so much to do!!!!!  So, maybe I’ll get a little time In today, maybe I won’t. Either way, check out our up coming project described in fikkle’s last post, great stuff! Unflrtunatly that is all I have for you guys today, nothing wow related, but hey, no news is god news sometimes right? right?…why do I hear crickets?



4 Responses to “Crazy Day!”

  1. The crickets are waiting for the cake. /nelson laugh at crickets

  2. Now wait a minute, yesterday you were saying the cake is a lie,
    if the cake is a lie, are they waiting on pie???
    And, if they are waiting on the pie, is your previous statement a lie?
    Or, are you just full of pie…I mean crap?

    ~This has been a moment with the Horde Poetic Society.


  3. They were promised cake.

    The cake is still a lie.

    He who promises pie to crickets is dumb ~ Confusionus

    (hence nelson laugh at crickets)

  4. Grats on joining the waraxe bro! I’ll be around thursday night!

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