Blog Truancy and a Special Announcement

There’s a big announcement at the end.  You can skip the noz if you want and just scroll down and read that.

So I’ve kinda been playing blog hookey lately.  I am a truant.  Sylus however, now that he’s back in school, is Mr. Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Goody-Two-Shoes.  He’s been bringing the blog teacher a shiny new apple each and every day.  Hey Sy, you have a little something on your noise.  Its brown.  No, a little higher.  There it is.

Man, my metaphors sure take a turn for the odd.

So what’s been up?  Well, I’ve kinda been running out of topics to blog on, and I’ve kinda been binge-alting again.  A quick summary of the recruit a friend goodness:

2 x Shaman (level 60)
1 x Warlock (level 60)
1 x Paladin (level 64)
1 x Rogue (level 36)
1 x Warrior (level 15)
1 x Priest (level 15)

Right now I’m working on the Rogue / Warrior.  The Rogue is being leveled with my buddy Vrugore’s Warlock, Maadra.  The Warrior is being dual-boxed with the priest, who’s kinda just along for the ride.  In addition to the recruit a friend stuff, I got my third toon to 70 last week, my Resto Druid Anteaus.  And in addition to those toons, I have my 70 Mage and 70 Hunter and a 61 SPriest.  And since I’ve pretty much all but abandoned my Alliance toons, I won’t bother listing them.

And now, FOR THE PIE!*  Err, I mean for the Announcement.

* We at For the Horde do not condone offering Pie as a lie.  All offers of Pie should be genuine and heartfelt, and should be followed through on, unlike offers of cake.  This was not a real offer for Pie.  Had this been a real offer for Pie, we totally would have followed through.  We at For The Horde love Pie in all its greatness, and we would like to take this opportunity to denounce cake.  The cake is a lie.

So, the final reason as to why I haven’t been bloggin much is due to a new project I’ve been working on.  It is still in its infancy stages, but I’m fairly comfortable that most of the details have been worked out to make it live to harddrive.

When I started WoW I was a casual RP’er.  I enjoyed it as a fun addition to an already fun game.  At some point, though, my focus switched to seeing the endgame and leveling and raiding, while the RP aspects of the game got left behind.  With the doldrums that have arisen before WOTLKEE, I began finding that some of the stuff I had wanted to do, I wouldn’t be able to, and so it lost a lot of its fun for me.  That, coupled with some drama in a few guilds we tried had made me give up on raiding.

I decided that I wanted to get back into RP’ing, and blogging about RP stories, something which I had done with Fikkle when I first started.  I thought about simply posting the RP stories here, however, For The Horde hasn’t really ever been an RP-focused blog, and I didn’t want to take away from the general sillyness we tend to lean towards.

So I decided I was going to take it to another site and get started there.  I have since purchased a domain and hosting.  I’m in the process of learning how to set that all up, but that’s another story for another time. 

Lastly, much the same with this blog, I thought our RP site would be much more interesting if there was more than just myself writing for it, but I didn’t necesarily want to limit the site to myself and Sy either.  So I offered it to our close group of friends that game together, and so far, there are going to be five contributors: Myself, Sylus, the infamous Nimroc, the not quite-yet famous Vrugore/Arameth and finally, my baby brother, Khaza.

So here’s a quick run down of what its going to be about:

We’re all going to be contributing stories to an overall saga that will be ongoing throughout the story of WoW.  Each author is going to choose up to four toons to act as main characters, while the plethora of alts that we all have are going to make up our supporting character roles.  The overall story will be based in the lore of wow, but we plan on creating our own lore as well. 

We’ll be giving updates in the next couple of weeks as we work out details and I’ll get links up to the new site once we have it semi-functional (at least).  We’ve got a name for the project, but I’m going to keep that under my hat for now.  So if you enjoy RP and are interested in following allong with some interesting and funny RP stories, stay tuned.




2 Responses to “Blog Truancy and a Special Announcement”

  1. See, whe you aren’t here, I run amuck, and give away free stuff!…Your free stuf!!! Anyway, I was laying in bed last night, and couldn’t sleep, so I checked the site on the ol’ iphone…in bed, it rocked,lol. Anyway, either you couldn’t sleep last night, or pulled a late nighter, but either way, it was great to see a Fikkle post!!!

  2. […] Fikkle wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIn addition to the recruit a friend stuff, I got my third btoon/b to 70 last week, my Resto Druid Anteaus. And in addition to those btoons/b, I have my 70 Mage and 70 Hunter and a 61 SPriest. And since I’ve pretty much all but abandoned my b…/b […]

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