Oh what a glorious day! It is such a good day, for several reasons. First of all, it’s the day before my birthday. Second of all it falls on a Thursday. What is so good about Thursdays you are asking? Well, I don’t have classes on Thursday. So, therefore, it’s a free day. And lastly, and most importantly, WRATH COMES OUT THIS DAY!!!!(well, Wednesday at midnight)

So, peeps, if any of you are in the South East Kansas area, I’ll be in line at the Pittsburg Gamestop the night before, waiting in line for my COLLECTORS EDDITION COPY. If anyone(not likely) wants to meet up and shoot the breeze for a bit, come out to Pittsburg, order your copy, and say Hi! You would also get to meet the talked about Nimroc, he’ll be with me, along with Spiffie…have I mentioned spiffy on the blog yet? Oh well, if not, you can meet spiffie too! Fikkle says he is coming for the event….okay, not really, and it’s not an event really, more of a made up, fictitious thing in my head, but with cheese balls. Oh yeah, you bring the cheese balls, I’ll bring the Sprite.

Until then, I leave you with this image. I hope it titilates you as well.

OOOOOO, titilating!!!

~Uncle Sy


12 Responses to “11.13.2008”

  1. Dang Sy, I am from SE KS, born in Fredonia. I now live in the KC area.

    Go Gorillas?

  2. Dude, I’m a pitt graduate!!! I’m actually going back for a second degree right now, wow, smal world! Maybe I should stop joking about a meet up for the wrath opening, and actually do it!!! I went to Fredonia up until 3rd grade,lol. If fact, I got stuck in a kids tree house shortly before I moved….this is trippy. My wife also has family in fredonia, who teach…you might have had them as teachers…the name blackwell ring a bell?? small world dude,lol.

  3. And, fyi, for the pie can’t leave wow, he hasn’t even tried out the best server! GO CENARIAN CIRCLE! WOOO HORDE! (Did I sound like a cheerleader?) I got that tidbit about you leaving from your sidebar thing on your oldish site, can’t wait to see the wordpress version of pie!

  4. I left Fredonia in 1979ish and moved to Chanute for a year then to OK. My grandparents owned the hardware/Otasco formerly Western Auto and my folks owned what was called the Breaker Drive In when they owned it.

    I graduated from college at Okla. Baptis Univ. but since I live in KC now I know the Pitt Gorillas due to them playing at Arrowhead at times.

  5. Oh and dang not being able to edit comments.

    FTP wordpress edition is up. I didn’t realize the comments were still linking to the blogspot version.

    I may roll up a little toon on CC and come say hi.

  6. If you do, look for Abadon, Syllus, gozra, or slaria, the toons I’m playing the most!

  7. But see, Forthepie just won’t make it through the RP censors!

  8. Hey, I got some ideas, go with forpie, or fothepi, or maybe ….pievendor, you could rp you are a pie vendor! Either way, if you decide to come our way, we’re here,lol. Or in school, can’ for get that piece of crap…

  9. Perlatorta Italian for…Forthepie. nice little undead warlock on CC now.

    I’ve never played UD and never really played a warlock, played one to 10 I think.

  10. Nice, If you see anyone in Waraxe, just say so, they will throw you into the ol guild. Get to know a few of the guys. Nim scares people, fikkle bites, and V is harmless,lol. I unfortunatly won’t be in game timm thursday night…boo rl commitments!!! So, grats on tryin out the CC, Fikkle can be your sugger daddy and get you all set up with bags and gold, he know’s I’ll fork over the mats for the bags and gold. Good luck over here, wearen’t that scary!

  11. Okay, I see that when I take a bit of blogging hiatus, people begin to promise things on my behalf… Well, all I can say is that if For The Pie, brings the Pie, a sugar daddy I will be…

    As I blogged about many moons ago, Orgrimmar totally needs a Pie Vendor!


  12. Yeah I got the hoodlums listed on the about us page listed as friends so if/when/if ever you sign those characters on, I will see them and stalk them for fun and profit.

    I started my MMO playing on a text based RPG called DragonRealms ( http://www.play.net/dr/ ) I was even on the RP server and paid 40 bucks a month for sometimes 2 accounts to RP and have a grand old time in TEXT.

    My little character may be deleted. Locks are fun (OMG I die a lot though) but I didn’t really get the looks done on the character, just figured I’d pop in and say hello. The name will stay cuz let’s be honest, Pie is Good.

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