Blogging on an iphone?

Hello Azeroth! I’m hoping everyone is staying dry today. I’m sitting here at work bored out of my mind, but luckily I have my iPhone, and imagination to keep me company.

So, I’m neck deep in class work, but loving going back to school! The only thing I wish I had more time for is wow. Although, I have been letting some RP brew In this fat head of mine!

The RP bug looks like it’s getting around. Fikkle and I, along with Nimroc and a few others have an RP project of monumental proportions in the works. I hate just throwing up a teaser for you all, but unfortunatly, that is all I have at the moment!

I plan on busting out a powerpoimt project tonight, that way I have Sunday to play. Wish me luck, I want to go home and play now! Anyway, stay dry out there guys, and if you’re anywhere that is getting beat up by the hurricane, you’re in our thoughts! Stay dry Mr. Randy Deluxe!!

~Uncle Sy
P.S. Here’s a pic of me playing around with the camera on this thing, it’s shweeet!


4 Responses to “Blogging on an iphone?”

  1. That shirt must be some kind of epic of monumental proportions, cause it’s some purple!

    — Fikkle

  2. Yeah, it’s a work shirt…And, fyi, it does have +100 to blogging on a phone!
    Anyway, off to class. I’m going to try to get something written up this evening. I have a role playing story idea…I might post it here as a teaser for what’s to come!


  3. I have found the iphone great for drafting while on the move… but I still need to get online and clean up my posts… especially with typos.

    I find my old nokia is smarter than my new iphone when it comes to spelling. Sure nice I don’t have to change back and forth between text-prediction and “freeform”, but surely my iphone is smart enough to complete a few more words…

    Ohh and I got stung the other day… phone crashed during update, and finally restored… to a 3 day old backup… lost local blog posts… I know better now…

  4. that sucks. Yeah, the new update took forever I thought. Oh well, with the changes to itunes I guess it was inevitable.

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