Hey everyone! It was such a treat for me last night. I was able to play wow for an ENTIRE evening! I had all of my homework caught up, the wife was busy with real life professional stuff, and so I had the evening to myself. So, i called my boy’s and we had at it on our lvl 60ish toons. We tore up both hellfire citidal instances and then were going to do slave pens….but I’m a wuss and had to go to bed at that point.  So, I logged onto Sylus before bed to get him a few encahnts from fikkle, yes, both tooks fik and I never play anymore. I will be bringing back sy a bit more for a pvp project I’m looking into trying….more of a gimick thing than anything of real value.

Anyway, I’m sitting in org, and over trade chat I see a call for fiery chant, but they have no mats. I open up my bad, and lo and behold, 5 small radiant shards…I got the mats, so I shoot this toon a whisper, “I got your mats, you got my gold?” We did the usual heckling, and then I decided I’d head towards this person to give them fiery. As I’m riding off into the sunset(towards the zeplin to UC) I look at who I’m doing this chant for. It was a lvl 64 warlcok…Now, I’m not poopin on anyone’s playstyle here, but locks and fiery…unless for show, don’t mix. I get to the tower, and the chick starts in with all kinds of RP chat dialogue. I start geeking into it. I pull out my fishing chair, offer her up some goblin gumbo, and settle in for a little rp fun before bed! We chatted about a few things,and then I decided I had to go, so I left party made some statment about how I was needed elsewhere in the shadow’s and vanished, then I proceded to walk around the zep tower before stoning back to shat. It really doesn’t take much to spark an RP moment, and in this case at the most unlikely time! Bed time!

Also, I can’t say anything about this at the moment, but just know, Fikkle is a genius. We may have something cooking up soon, that everyone will hear about afterwards. It’s so hard not to say anything about it, I filled Nimroc in on our scam, and he almost cried in excitment over the phone. He was in the car driving, and almost wrecked. No lie, ask him. Just know, it will be huge, monumental, colosal, over-the-top, AMAZINGBBQPWNLOLCATZAWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!

So, stay tuned, we have a deadline, so this has to happen by the end of october….maybe make this a holoween event…hmmmmm, holloween….BOO

~Uncle Sy



  1. I would just like to say, for the record, that you, my friend are 100% absoultely, positively, correct.*

    * Please note, overinflated ego is NOT a problem!

  2. this time i have to admit, this plan my friend is genius!

  3. Apparently Pie is involved. Plans make genius levels when pie is involved.

  4. well, now that you mention it, pie may be involved….or was that cake….”hey Fikkle, is it pie or cake?”

  5. How many times do I have to tell you….

    The cake is a lie

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