Dual Boxing Goodies

Hello everyone, so I’m a few hours late on getting up some info on some of the dual boxing tools I’ve found out there. I’ve been playing around, reading some of the diffarent programs available. The first one I heard great things about was keyclone. I’ll have more on it later. The big downside of trying this program out is that it costs 19.99 for a one time download. I’ve played along with some of the settings, but still am having some issues getting it doing what I want it too. I’ll try to play around with it tomorow. But for now, I have to get to class. Wednesday is my busy day afterall!

I’ll have more info up on keyclone later, but until then, cross your fingers, and pray I’m smart enough to figure out the interface and command functions!

Feeling a bit slow,



7 Responses to “Dual Boxing Goodies”

  1. What kind of problems? I’m using keyclone to play two WoW clients on the same machine. A good resource that I found that even has videos is http://www.vboxing.net.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

  2. I’m not sure what keys to place in the one’s that don’t double up…keeping one on follow works okay, but I’m having trouble targeting, even using the tab system I’m coming up with diffarent targets for each toon…It’s a great tool, but I need to get it tweeked a bit more for my liking. I’ll check out the sight you recomended, thanks alot!

  3. I’m dual boxing two druids. I decided one druid (Druid 1) would be the “leader” and the other the follower and made two macros, placing them in the same spot on my action bar.

    First Macro:
    /follow (Druid 1’s Name)

    Second Macro:
    /assist (Druid 1’s Name)

    That way I can use one druid to control both druids, I target a murloc via Druid 1, press my Assist key and then press my attack key. The second druid will assist Druid 1 and attack with Druid 1.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Dude, Haitia, I am such a duel boxing noob. This is the solution I have been looking for! Now all I have to do is get a free day to try this out,lol. Then I think I’m in business!!!

  5. Dual boxing noobs unite!

    Glad to be of help. 😀

  6. Hi, yeah, dual boxing is great 😉

    if you are looking for support, simple try out dual-boxing.com and the corresponding wiki.

    There are beginner guides all over the place.

    Or drop me a PM on the forum,


  7. thanks guys, this weekend I have 2 fix my car…long story there!


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