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Posted in Random on September 28, 2008 by sylus

My last post inspired Cynra to come up with what I was describing…and I AM BLOWN AWAY! I had to post it here, you are a genius Cy, I love it! I want to shoot you some screenshots of my toon and have you come up with a banner for me and fikkle! We might even compensate you for it! Everyone get over to her site, check it out, the site is top notch, and I LOVE HER WORK! So, here’s a look at RETURN OF THE ABA!!!!




Bad Dreamin? or Real Life Scheming?

Posted in Off Topic on September 28, 2008 by sylus

Once was an Orc-wookie named Aba. He was a Beast-Master-Jedi-Hunter… With bow in one hand, lightsaber in the other, and a white cat/rancor rolling out to tank the crap out of stuff. Running around Tattoine-outlands killing womprats-fel pigs…I hope I was dreaming…

Curse you BETA, CURSE YOU!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 26, 2008 by sylus

Lets add one more epic flying mount to my total…ths jsut in, well, from BRK, Mammoth mounts now cost 20k…I’m still truckin, but crap, taht is a ton of Mucho Dinero.

Thanks for pointing this out Pie.


Rippin of the webs!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 25, 2008 by sylus

Okay, I found this video on Gunlovingdwarfchick’s blog . Lets see if I can get the video embeded here…


Okay…so I’m a web-tard. Anyway, either go check it out at Bre’s site, or go to It is amazing, and this my friends is why we roll HORDESIDE!

As Always,

~Uncle Sy

Wow or Homework…

Posted in Discussion, Random on September 25, 2008 by sylus

Hello everyone out there on the interwebs that cares about this stuff!….okay, so that might just be Nim and Pie, but meh, oh well! I woke up to the smell of pancakes this morning, what a wonderful surprise. I didn’t have to do anything but hours and hours of homework today, of which I have yet to start. I got up rather early( I mentioned the pancakes part right?) Anyway, so I got up early and decided I’d bust out a set of daily quests on Aba real quick, then get to homework. Then I decided to do some mining…then some auction-housing…then another round of mining…You get the point right? Yup, still haven’t done my homework. I gotta do that. But, in better news, 14000 to get to my origional 16000 goal. Although, I’m still waiting to see the final price, as wow head has the mammoth reins listed at 15000 gold…if that is the case, then I only have 13k to go! Woot! That’s like keeping the price the same, and giving me a thousand gold!

Speaking of giving me a thousand gold, I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you, the 4thehordereading public. I have a serious matter at hand, if you don’t mind. The Foundation for the Mammoth Mount Foundation is currently taking donations so that one day soon, hopefully on November 13th, Abadon and Fikkle, and one lucky winner can ride around together on 4the horde’s very own Mammoth Mount. How can I be that lucky third person, as most of you are asking yourself right now…well, I’ll tell you. Just donate some gold, preferably large sums, to Abadon on the cenarian circle server. Thank you for a moment of your time, now back to your regularly scheduled reading programming.

Fikkle has been a bit irregular in the game as of late, I assume he’s doing some top secret assignment, like infiltrationg the alliance ranks and taking down Stormwind city from the inside….or off doing real life stuff. Either way, he will be back soon. Wether or not he will post about it is a diffarent story! Until my next entry, Stay Smexy Interwebs!

~Uncle Sy

15,000 Gold to Go, and Counting….

Posted in Discussion, Random on September 24, 2008 by sylus

So, I am uber excited about the new mammoth caravan mount coming with Wrath of the Lich King. I now have about two and a half months to get in gear, stop lvling the crap out of alts, and start saving for my mount. It is going to come with a vendor! That alone is worth the gold to me. Even with fully tricked out bags, I still loose an entire bag slot with my quiver, and all my trinkets, food, gear, and sweet stuff in my bags, I end up with 2 18 slot bags to fill with crap out on long grinding/ daily questing sessions. To be able to whip out my mount, vendor my trash, and keep going, PRICELESS! Well, not actually priceless, it does have a price tag, 16,000 Gold. I started saving two nights ago, and had only 200G to my name. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on my progress.

And, just in case anyone was wanting to maybe donate to the cause, I’ll call it the Caravan Cause Foundation, just ship all unwanted gold to Abadon on the Cenarian Circle server! It will be going to a good cause. Trust me, fikkle and I will love riding around on my, I mean, the foundation’s mount!

~Uncle Sy

The Friday Post That Should Have Been or Duel Boxing Shenanigans

Posted in Uncategorized on September 22, 2008 by sylus

Duel Boxing Shenanigans

Over the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with some duel boxing techniques. You would think I could have posted about this sooner, and all of you are thinking it! You would be wrong. Life has been busy busy busy! School has picked up and is now at a crazy pace. That is fine and all, I expected this to happen, after all this is college! Homework has been steady, and tests are starting up. Yes, tests…any of you have a shiver run up your spine too? Good, I’d hate to be the only one! On top of that there are several other projects that have been coming up I’ve got my hands in. It’s okay though, because here is the long post I’ve been promising on Keyclone.

First off, what is keyclone? Well, I’m glad you asked, Keyclone is a program that can be used to link two instances of the same game, running on the same computer, so that actions are performed in both instances through one set of key strokes. Did I lose anyone there? No? Good, because I almost lost myself! You can find this wonderful too at  This sight has the download, and several useful guides on how to set this up for your game and what it can be used for.

It was tough at first for me to even figure out what they were talking about in the tutorials. Once I figured out how to link two instances of world of warcraft, I went through the arduous process of setting up which keys I wanted linked, which were unneeded, and how the interaction of each class would work.

I started off thinking to myself, “man, I think a tank and healer would be great together.” I was way off. This would be a bit harder to figure out what moves to link via keyclone, as not every move that I do with a warrior would be lined up with the same move for each situation for a priest.  So, I did some research, saw what others were using with keyclone, and decided that the same class would be great. I could do identical moves at the same time. Mages were very popular. They could burn stuff down fast, and usually before they got to your avatar. I didn’t like working the mages though. I then settled in on two shammies. This is a great combo. They have more survivability than mages, would eventually have rez capabilities, and both could heal. This seemed like a logical choice. It is. I’m only 15 lvl’s into this duel boxing these shammies, but love it. They are great when I keep them full of mana, and use them as nuking casters.  I will be duel boxing these guys in my spare time, at least until they hit 60, then who knows. Playing them as casters has worked well, and I think they wouldn’t do as well as melee dps’ers, as I keep one on follow; therefore he sands a step behind the lead character.

One thing I want t caution you on. If you have trouble running wow on high settings, DO NOT duel box.  It can crash your comp, slow it down to a crawl, or not run wow at all with two going at the same time. If, on the other hand, your computer runs smoothly running wow with higher settings, and you are thinking, hmm, duel boxing sure sounds cool, then this might be for you. This isn’t the cheapest gaming pass time. If you duel box, you are required to have two accounts, therefore, 15 bucks per account X2=30 bucks per month.  If you plan on triple boxing, (never tried it, but I THINK my computer could handle it) would run you 45 bucks per month. There is also an initial cost for keyclone. It has a onetime fee of 19.99. This isn’t horrible, and if you have to reload your operations system, you can download it again for free on the same machine.

All in all this has been a great experiment and I will continue to see how it goes as my toons get a bit higher. It went really quickly to get to lvl 15, but I also had the luxury of having triple experience from the recruit a friend offer.  If you have any questions about keyclone, go to their website, they have a very nice FAQ page that can answer most of your questions. If you have any questions for me about keyclone, go ahead and ask, the worse I can say is, “sorry, I’m stupid, you’re on your own.” So, give it a try if you are interested, t goes quicker than the “controlling one toon with the other on follow” way of doing things.

~Uncle Sy