Three day weekend!

And not soon enough, let me tell you, one week of school under my belt, and I’m so glad for a three day! I plan on spending all afternoon sunday, and all of monday playin wow! Now to convince the wife to let me! So, I’ve become pretty spoiled lvling with nimrock, and getting hte 3x exp. It’s really hard to go back and lvl a toon without it now,lol. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those that commented on what I should do with my shammy, but I’m still very clueless on which way to go.

I also wanted to give a shout out to that one guy in game that said hi, cause he heard me on Twisted Nether…seriously, you can say hi anytime…I kind of want a stalker,lol. Okay, not a “hi, I’m  at your house want to play?”, kind fo stalker, but a “hi guy, you’re pretty cool,” kind of stalker!

Well, have a great weekend, I’m off to eat some pizza, I’ll catch you on the flipside.



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