Shama-lama-ding-dong, or the lazy blogger?

How goes the wide world of the webs this fine morning? Fine morning you say, but sy, I thought you were in school, and have to go to classes? Well folks, not this fine morning! Thursdays are my free day. I have no classes, and didn’t get called to substitute teach today, so, I get a free morning!!! I think I’ll play, or do homework….but first play a bit!

I had to take a minute and get back to you, the loyal readers of 4thehorde first! So, today’s post is about my little shammy. Her name is Gozra, and this is my first shammy past like lvl 10. I’m having a blast lvling her with nimrock’s little druid, and he has a 70 shammy, so he’s been pretty good about advice, but, I want to ask you guys about shammy’s. I’m lvling her enhancement, and it’s going pretty well, but what about end game for a shammy? how do they stack up against each other as resto, enh, or shocker? Heck, I know so little about shammies, I might have gotten those wrong! So, here she is, and please leave me some advice! I reallly need a hand here. If I don’t get anything good I’ll read the forums, but I know you guys will come through for me here!

So easy, a cave man could do it

So easy, a cave man could do it


3 Responses to “Shama-lama-ding-dong, or the lazy blogger?”

  1. Enhancement is very very high dps, and lots of utility. VERY much aggro hogs, you’ll find yourself having to hold back a lot unless your tank is exceptional.

    The zotpow shaman is super high dps, but very crit-heavy. And no aggro drop. Another aggro hog, though slightly less so because they get to stand at range. Far easier to level as enhancement though, even if you plan on zappityboom later on.

    Resto is…*coff coff* Less dps than the others.

  2. forthepie Says:

    End game raiders will likely take one each for the benefits they bring. Although the changes to totems may mean they take only one dps type shaman. Of course that depends on raid make up. And which fight as some fights are much more ranged dps happy vs melee.

  3. How about you respec him elemental so we can be the castar team of D00M? Yeah, that’s a good idea.

    The only other thing i can say is, if you’re planning on PvP’ing much, I’d go ele. As a previous comment mentioned, elemental shammies are pretty critty. With elemental mastery, lightning overload etc…pew pew indeed.

    Whereas, if you wanna raid, enhancement’s your game. Melee raids will lurv you. Imagine a rogue that can keep his own dang self healed and you’ll begin to get the idea.

    I think you can handle the implications of resto on your own. So anyway, get your homework done so we can get Feralas out of the way.

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