Old Man

At what age in life does one pass over to the dark side? You know, the side where it doesn’t matter how much sleep you’ve had in the past few days, but if you stay up a few hours later than you are use too, it’s too late and your body now rejects you? You know, when you wake up the next morning with the alarm, and say to yourself, I’m too old for this. Well folks, its 27. Yes, 27. As of this morning, I am now old. Enjoy the rest of your day. No, I didn’t have a birthday, but I stayed up too late last night…

~Uncle Sy


12 Responses to “Old Man”

  1. Im 25 and often think the same thing. Some nights I play WoW until 1130 or midnight and need to be up for work at 0500.

  2. Poor Sy…welcome and here is your walker. This started to happen to me at 30. Not happy in the least about the new changes.

  3. It just gets worse. I am 39.

    This is one of the reasons I quit raiding. Late nights kill me. I needs my sleep!

    And some prune juice….okay ick.

  4. -LOL, Pie, the letters TMI come to mind, but I’ve been known to throw out a bit to much info from time to time. Dude, 39, seriously, prune juice at 39, you are going to be a train wreck at 50!

    -Bre, thanks for the walker, can you paint some flames on the side of it for me? That would be killer, thanks!

    -Darraxus, give it two more years…cause that is so old…um, yeah…

  5. forthepie Says:

    The prune juice was a joke.

    Now where’s my cane, the darn kids are on my lawn again! Garrrahhhhh

  6. Kinzlayer Says:

    hehe, I’m 30 and I have been starting to feel it in my bones when I stay up pass midnight. hehe, when ppl ask me to Kara or ZA with them, I tell them make it quick because pass midnight my dps wanes.

  7. pie- good to know the prune juice was a joke! /em hands pie his cane…”go get them dern kids off the lawn, dernit!”

    KInz- midnight? ask fikkle, my dps falls off the charts around 10ish,lol.

  8. 10-ish is pushing it too… and to weigh in on this one myself, i had to start doing regular PT again and i feel broken… i can hardly walk atm, and I’m not exagerrating… my right knee feels ready to explode… so ya, and I’m only 26… To quote someone who I can’t remember who it is… “I’m in shape… Round IS a shape…

  9. forthepie Says:

    Pear is a shape too.

  10. I felt like that around my late 20s, but now I’m mid 30s the game stamina is back.

  11. I had to pop in and post about this since I seem to be the youngin’ of the group! I’m going to be 24 in a couple weeks…I can make it to midnight SOMETIMES but its odd…my legs start to physically hurt. Usually the “wow I’m tired” hits all of a sudden and I’m practically asleep at the desk. My normal bedtime is usually between 10-11…but even now at 9:30 my legs are starting to hurt…

    I don’t get it! /grabs cane

    Let me show ya how to use that thing…damn kids these days…


  12. Kinzlayer Says:

    Hehe, One Among Many reminds me of my old guildie. His toon’s name was Sylest (just brought that up since its soooo close to Sylus). Anyway, this buddy of mine is exceptionally generous and was an AWESOME Priest, holy/disc/or shadow, whichever he decided to play, but he has this problem when he gets tired, he literally would fall asleep at his keyboards. This time around we were in the middle of a boss fight, this was Prince, if I remember right as it was a very long time ago and it was at the end of the night for our raid, hehe back when Kara was serious business and people actually do the animal bosses for the resist gears, any who in the middle of the fight we notice the raid wasn’t getting any more heals, as he was on raid heal then, looked back and notice the priest is still standing not too far from an Infernos and dying fast… everybody yell in vent for Sylest to move and start healing. Hehe, he died shortly but we still beat the boss down… tried to rez him and no response, well we figured he got DCed or something and it was being the end of the night so everyone took the portal back to Shatt and did their other stuff… but after 45 mins of sitting around in Shatt shooting the breeze with the guild, his girlfriend type in guild chat to excuse Sylest because he fell asleep at the keyboard… OMG, the whole guild laughed about that for months.

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