We got Twisted!

It’s been a busy day kids. I slept in this morning, that was freakin sweet, then I finished homework. It took me about 2 hours to write a paper, and read about 20 pages. I am a slow homework guy. Then, after the servers came back up, ol’ Nim and I lvl’d our shammy druid combo up to 30. They were already 28, so not a huge deal, but it was a great hour or so playin. Then, it was off to class for me. I have an evening class, well, 5pm every tuesday. But, before going out the door, I saw something that excited me….Twisted Nether Blogcast was downloading on my itunes. ..Wait, twisted nether episode 14? YES, OUR EPISODE CAME OUT!!!

Yes, that’s right, Fikkle and I were just interviewed last friday, and are so stoked to finally see how it all went down. So, I listened to it on my 45 minute drive to Pittsburg, and I ahve to say, I am very pleased with the show. Fikkle and I didn’t come off sounding like total idiots!!! Who knows, maybe Shawn or Patrick will be calling us soon to see if we want to come on “How I Wow.” Okay, so probably not, but hey guys, if you read this, we would LOVE to come say hi! And by love, I mean totally geek out and pass out for about a week, then eventually get back to you once we figured out why we had passed out!!!

So, that’s it for tonight kiddo’s, I gotta crash. I have more classes in the morning. Peace out in the big bad house.

~Uncle Sy


5 Responses to “We got Twisted!”

  1. Thanks again guys, for coming on the show. Both of you were great fun to have and to talk to 🙂

  2. Hey, I just listened to the show! Thank you again Bre and Fim, we were honored and would love to come back eventually!


  3. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    Awesome interview guys… I thought sending the letter was fun… had to sell the clothes on my back ( literally) to get the 30 copper to send the mail 🙂

  4. That rocked, you could have yelled at me, I’d have thrown you a few copper!

  5. Lactic Acid Says:

    Congratulations guys! 🙂

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