World of real life

So, how was everyone’s weekend, take a minute to think about all of the fun things you did, all that you accomplished….okay, now back to me. This was my last free weekend before the fall semester started. Now, here I sit, almost 30 minutes before my first class starts, and I’m typing out what I did in wow this weekend. I’m truely a nerd.

This weekend was great for wow. Nimrock and I lvled our shammy-druid combo to 28. This has turned out to be a great combo. We can both do some great dps, can both pop a few heals here and there, and can both rez when we occationally get in to deep, which I’m sad to say happens too much! I also had the opportunity to do some battle grounds with my lvl 59 pally, also a product of the recruit a friend lvling scheme. Battlegrounds as a prot-aoe grind spec pally is quite fun. Survivability is through the roof, and even if you don’t top the charts damage wise, you still put a big dent in people. I ran around with a dps warrior during one of the AB battlegrounds, and we were an unstoppable force! Between the two of us we capped three nodes, defended the third until the end of the match, which we smoked btw, and neither of us died. In fact, neither of us came close to dying! We were an unstoppable threat! At one point there were five incoming alliance toons. I put out the call for help over the bg chat, and we started rolling heads, assuming we would just be holding them off until help oculd arrive at our last dying breaths…not even close. Three of the incoming were in the low 50’s. The other two, clothies, dropped like flies. By the time the help arrived, there were only the two clothies left, and one of them was barely still with us! I got to my lowest point of ehalth during this matchup, and then just barely below 50% !!! That was an easy fix, and had things gotten worse, I could have easily done the ol’ bubble and heal thing pallies are famous for! Pallies have so many get out of jail cards, and It’s a blast in BG’s. Of course, knowing he would be 59 a while, I might have chanted the crap out of his gear, and gotten a few nice armor upgrades,hehehe. So, I have a semi-twink 59 pally, who wouldn’t do the same?

The icing on the cake for the weekend was definatly my gold medalion finally comin in the mail. It came for Errebus, but hey, I’m not going to complain. He earned it this weekend. I wish items were account soulbound, rather than toon soulbound, Abadon would be rockin around with the dragon rahter than Errebus!!!

Well, until next time, 4thehorde!

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “World of real life”

  1. You are a nerd!

    Good luck with the semester though.

    I got my (semi) dual boxed rogue/priest combo to 21/20 (the rogue has more class quests to do than the priest) and I usually just put the priest on follow and let the rogue tear through things.

    I missed of few items and chants for a fully twinked pally at 29…OMG how much fun was that and I bet 59 is a blast. I am really enjoying the prot pally grind too. Of course if you can’t get more than 2 or 3 at melee it’s so freaking boring.

  2. boring doesn’t describe it if you only have one ore two mobs. If you really want to have grindy goodness fun, team up with a holy priest or a healer to keep you alive longer, shadow priest would work\ well later on, mana battery and all!

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