Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer!!!

So, the cinematic trailer for WOTLIKKIE is out and is AMAZING!!! I love the new perspective they took for this trailer. In the past cinematic releases for wow, and bc, you saw a bit from each of the classes and races. This trailer on the other hand is soley from the perspective of Arthus and his dastardly forces. It makes for a very dark feeling, and I even got a chill when all of the bad guys do their glowey yell….ooooo, goosepimples! So, go check it out, tell us what you think of it, I know I liked it alot more than the fik did, but it’s all a matter of opinion! The world of warcraft home page also just updated with a ton of new Lich King artwork. They are awesome, and very imaginative fan submissions, make this another stop on your surfing roadmap today!


~Uncle Sy


3 Responses to “Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer!!!”

  1. Yeah, I checked out the video yesterday and it was awesome. Im am just counting time until Wrath comes out.

  2. As I’ve mentioned to Sylus, I’m kinda disappointed with this cinematic. While I think it was beautiful, I wanted to see more gameplay, Death Knight v Paladin in epic struggle.

    Oddly enough the topic came up on the WoW Insider Show today and Mike Shram mentioned that when the folks at WoW Insider saw it, they were split down the middle as well as to those who loved it and those who wanted something that showed gameplay and the heroes battling.

    Anyone else find that people had mixed feelings about it?

  3. Kinzlayer Says:

    Yup, I was happy to see the Trailer but I also was a bit disappointed in the content if it will be the only trailer we get for Wrath. It’s awesome to see Arthas, his evil force, and a bit of the Lore but comparing to the WAR’s trailer, it’s a bit lacking. I hope Blizz will release another trailer or trailers that has a bit more actions from the perspective of the various classes, here’s to x’ing fingers.

    If things continue as it has in Beta so far, I already know that my warlock will be lackluster and will miss my awesomeness being the top dpser but maybe that will stop people from crying foul on warlocks. On the other hand, my hunter and warrior will continue to see success comes Wrath.

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