One day till we get Twisted!

That’s right, Fikkle and I are scheduled to go on the Twisted Nether blogcast tomorow night. I’m not sure if I’m just geeking out here, or what, but I’m kinda nervous! I can speak for fikkle and myself by saying we are so stoked about this, and can’t wait for it to happen! With all of the lvling of alts we’ve had little time to write latly. That will change. You, the 4thehorde fans deserve better!

So, Starting Monday, I am commiting to write something everyday monday through friday, even if it’s just a one liner telling you I didn’t get to play any that day, but really, Look for more from me, and maybe even some from fikkle the bum. Why is he a bum? I’m really not sure, but it sounded really good at the time it was streaming through my head.

On another scary note, Fikkle and I set up our skype yesterday, and saw each other for the first time not in a photo. So, it really is weird when you see sound coming from someone that you had just known as a disembodied voice…it was one of those awkward conversations at first where it’s like….uh, hey dude…Uh, you do have a head…um, you really need to shave…um…so….how’s canada….um, that’s a cool dog….um….your walls are bare dude…. You know, jsut awkward at first. So, I’m glad we got the awkward conversation out of the way first, now when we go on twisted it will be all good, I’m not even sure we will use the video feature, but hey whatevah! I wonder if Fim and bre are as cool as they sound in my head. I’ve never seen their pics, so it will be a wierd experience if we do use the video featuer. I picture fim as a blonde haired Han Solo, and Bre as a really, really short version of princess Amidala. Why do I picture them as this? BECAUSE MY HEAD IS THAT TWISTED!

So, wish us luck, and all that good jazz, hope I don’t pee myself on camera…did I mention I’m a bit nervous? Meh, oh well, if I do, it will make for a great show!

~Uncle Sy


5 Responses to “One day till we get Twisted!”

  1. Oh tomorrow night is going to be so good!

  2. You just want to see me pee myself!

  3. ewwww…. I don’t want to be there for THAT!

  4. I would pay money (okay, WoW gold) to be part of THAT live convo! I’ll even get a webcam! πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to hear the blogcast on Tuesday…or Wednesday. πŸ˜‰

  5. *sigh* Damn me for not reading my feed religiously. You already did this…

    Well, I STILL can’t wait to hear it!!

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