Go forth and multiply, err, your alts!

Well I’ve been pretty busy in game as of late.  We’ve been using the recruit a friend bonus to level a bunch of alts and its been a lot of fun.  So he’s the short’n’dirty of it:


Orc Shaman and Orc Warlock:  I spent the most time on these two so far.  They were a great amount of fun.  My warlock ran around and dotted stuff up while the Shammy healed after life tap.  They are currently at level 59.

Forsaken Warrior and Forsaken Priest:  These two are currently at level 18.  They were the first two I started, but they got sidelined for a bunch of other characters.  I’ll get back to them eventually.

Human Warlock and Dwarf Paladin:  These two were to be my ally experiment.  They only made it to level 9 before I put them on hold for other toons.

After I’d started all of these, one of my RL friends wanted to do the Recruit-a-Friend bonus as well.  So I sent him an invite from my second account (the dual boxing having taken place with my first and third accounts), and we started levelling together:


BElf Paladin: My newest pally made it up to 24 with my friend’s Warlock.  We put on them on hold to try something else out since he’s new to the game and wanted to try other things.

Orc Hunter: Yes, another HUNTER!  So we both have Orc Hunters, getting the triple xp together.  It is pretty crazy having two BM Hunters running around destroying everything.  They are currently sitting at level 28 and they’re going to be getting their mounts very soon.

Dranei Shaman:  When we all decided to head over to the Kael’thas server, I decided to make another Shaman.  I had so much fun leveling my first Shaman and now playing him in Outlands that I wanted to level another.  My friend is leveling a Human Paladin (planning to go Ret) and Sylus is leveling a Human Mage while Nim is leveling a Dwarf Paladin (planning to go Prot).  I’m going to be trying an elemental build until at least level 40 when I may decide to switch to Enhancement.


Orc Shaman:  So my first Shaman was sitting at level 30 when I started the dual-boxing experiment with my second Shaman and a Warlock.  As they levelled I granted levels to the first Shaman, wanting to continue playing him.  Because he was level 30, I was able to grant him levels all the way to 59.  Because he was in level 30 gear, with level 30 skills, it took me a few days to make him Outlands ready.  First, I had to buy all of his gear on the AH.  Level 57-59 greens can be a tad pricey, so bring your pocketbook.  Second, he was a skiner/miner, but I decided to completely re-roll his professions into herbalism/alchemy and relevel it.  The last thing, when I’d last played him at level 30, he’d only ever used two handed axes.  Now that he was 58, he was going to be dual-wielding one handed axes.  So I had to level that skill right from 1.  All in all, it was a lot of pain in the butt for the great reward of not having to level through 30 levels of stuff that I’ve done a million times.

Now we got an email question the other day (WOOT! our first one).  The person wanted to know how the grant a level thing worked.  Well, you need a higher level toon from the new account, and a lower level toon from the old account.  They need to be grouped in party and in the proximity of each other.  Then, the toon from the new account can right click on the other’s picture and select <Grant a level>.  The old toon then has to click accept, and they will suddenly ding.  Even if you’re in front of the bank in Orgrimmar.  Like I was.  Expect a whole bunch of tells to the effect of: “WTF????” and “HOW DID YOU DO THAT???”. 

So anyways, rinse and repeat until it won’t let you.  You can only use the grant a level until level 59.  Once the toon on the new account dings 60, all of that goes away and is lost forever.  My personal recommendation is to have the toon that is getting the levels granted to it to level up to 1 bubble before 31.  So like 19 bubbles into level 30.  The reason is that your experience bar stays filled at the same percentage each time you ding (at least that was my experience).  If you are level 30, you can be granted levels all the way up to 59, and thus you finish one experience bubble from level 60.  Brilliant!

So, go forth and multiply, err, your alts! 


— Fikkle


2 Responses to “Go forth and multiply, err, your alts!”

  1. Kinzlayer Says:

    Thanks Fikkle, you explained that very succinctly.

  2. Yes, thank you very much. I am probably going to poor man dual box it as I don’t really want to redo all my keybinds.

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