Lvling obsession!

WOW, I’m still so stoked about the 3x xp for the recruit a friend thing. I’ve lvlind a priest to 58, a pally to 59(via the grant a lvl thingie) and my lock into the 40’s. Then, today, Nim and I lvl’d some alliance toons on teh kail’ thas server to lvl 17 in just a few short hours! It would be nice to have some high lvl toons on the alliance side, even if I feel I am betraying my hordie ways!

This friday Fikkle and I are going on the Twisted Nether podcast. I can’t speak for fik, but I’m a bit nervious, and a bit excited! I haven’t gotten a copy of the questions to prepare for them, but meh, if we don’t get any, we’ll wing it. That will be fun! Well, hopefully next week will get back into a regular schedule for blogging. With me starting back at Pitt State I”ll have about an hour between every class, so I can blog then! I’ve justhad to much time at home to play wow, to actually blog about it! So, hold tight my dear friends, we’re on our way back, and we’ll be here with a vengeance!!!

~Uncle Sy


2 Responses to “Lvling obsession!”

  1. How long will this Recruit-a-Friend special be going on?

  2. Blizzard hasn’t said how long it will go on, but they have said that you get the triple xp for 90 days from the date they sign up. I’ll guess this will go until wrath comes out. This is another way they are trying to up subscription numbers for the last half of this year. I might even venture a guess they that wrath might end up being pushed into first quarter of next year, and this is a way to up profits for the last two quarters of this year….just a guess though, but it makes sense…

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