6 days to 51

As some of you may have read in our previous posts, that we are taking advantage of the recruit a friend system. What they needed to call it was recruit a spare account. With the lvling bonus that they are giving out, one would be a fool not to take advantage of it, and lvl another toon to 60, so it can be ready for the next expansion. I know 60 isn’t end game right now, but it took me 6 days to get to lvl 51, and the day isn’t half over! It’s not like I have done nothing but play either. I’ve had to babysit 4 days between friday and today, and have spent alot of quality time with teh wife. Now, if all goes as planned, I will be lvling some tonight, and most of the day tomorow. If this works out, I could be 59 by saturday!!!

I’ve finally hit the bottom teir talent of the shadow tree. Vampiric touch is AWESOME! I’m looking forward to lvling the priest a bit further, I think once I settle into teh groove, I’ll respec him holy and lvl him through outlands as a healer.

Next on our binge of 3x experience is going to be my shammy. She’s sitting at 15, and nim has been lvling a druid while I am not on. He’s about to catch up, so once we hit 59, it’s go time with those two. Then, next on the agenda is going to be a few alliance toons. The big problem we are seeing is going to be not having sugar daddies on our alliance server. We have a few toons in Sidhe Devils on the Kail’thas server. We will end up lvling there, as I have a 20ish pally, and a teen hunter, while fikkle has a few toons up his sleeve as well, including a thirty something if I remember right. Copper sells pretty good there, so I guess I’ll go back through and grab a ton of copper and sell it up to get a bit o’ gold. This lvling gig becomes expensive quick, much to quick to grab all the cash we need to lvl.

So, get ready for me devils, I’m commin to the alliance side soon! Can you all handle this?? Yeah, Imma guess you call can,lol.

In other news, Our Cenarian Circle toons are now running a guild. Fikkle has lead, and we’re all kickin it now, not a raiding guild, but definatly one we’re gonna have fun in! So, if you see anyone runnin around rocking the white and black with the Waraxe tag, say hi, that be my peeps! And, if you’re looking for a home, and don’t act like a tool, we’ll try you out!

~Uncle Sylus


5 Responses to “6 days to 51”

  1. Hey, question. Apparently one of the characters involved in the program can give half thier levels to the other, I’m curious to find out WHICH account can do that, the new one, or the old one?

  2. Sorry about the long wiat, but it’;s the new account that grants lvls to the old account

  3. Stupid rule imo…since I’m the new account.

  4. I am seriously considering this (have sent the email to myself already even) to raise up a priest/mage/lock who will be an enchanter/tailor because I am happy with the profession setup for my other characters. I have an old Pentium 4 that can handle WoW with everything on low and I might just get the newbie to 10 and run it through RFC for a bit with my pally to get the jumpstart on enchanting.

  5. You won’t regret it! It goes up so fast it isn’t funny!!!

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