Recruit a Friend OPness

WOW, I’ve played so much wow over the past few days!!! I’m in altaholic’s heaven! A few years back, I started a troll priest. I’m not playing him, but, I decided to pull out the ol’ priest bag of tricks for another go round. Back in the day I got fed up with lvling hte troll priest. Come to think of it, that was the last troll I ever played. I just don’t don’t like the trolls. The female trolls are okay, but the males make me sick. Not sure if it’s the posture, or what, but they annoy the crap out of me.

Anyway, back to my point. So, Nimrock and I are lvling with this new recruit a friend system, and it si going sooooooo fast. I’ve gotten to lvl 40 in just over 1 day played time. That includes going out and lvling herbing when nim isn’t on.  So, I have a wicked shadow priest who is ready to get back to lvling when the server comes back up. When he gets to 60, I’m looking at a shammy with Nim’s druid. Or a mage…or my lock getting some lvling loving…I’m not sure. Then, fikkle, nim and I are going to lvl a few alliance toons. This is scary, as we have no sugar daddies on that side of it…so, it could get ugly. Either way, I’ve got some lvling to do, so back into the fray! I’ll catch you all on the flip side of 60!!!

So, I leave you with my lvl 40 studhorse priest. Enjoy.

You only wish you were as sexy as this!

You only wish you were as sexy as this!


One Response to “Recruit a Friend OPness”

  1. This is way OP. I have a brand new rogue and priest (never played both classes) and they are both 20 in about 5/6 hours played time. And part of that time has been chatting with the guild class leaders to learn how to play the class and leveling the priests enchanting and tailoring. I’ve picked nothing for the rogue at this time.

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