Dual-Boxing Bonanza and Recruit-a-Friend Fun

Hello, my name is Fikkle and I’m an altaholic.  I’ve been playing alts for about a year now and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to give them up.

Okay, so that’s my little confession, which anyone who knows me knows is true.  Of late, I’ve been taking it to the next level.  I’ve mentioned a few times before that I have multiple accounts, so I suppose it was inevitable that I end up Dual-Boxing at some point.  As a preamble, I don’t think this is technically dual-boxing, at least not the way true mutli-boxers would think of it.  I don’t have any key switch doohickeys or anything like that.  I simply run two windows of WoW on one computer, run around, and keep one toon (usually my healer) on follow. 

Right now, I’ve been working on a Demo Warlock / Resto Shammy combo, and its going quite well.  The one great thing about the Warlock is that they’re pretty self-sufficient when it comes to levelling, so I don’t need to spend much time healing on the Shammy.

But the true beauty of the whole thing is the bonuses.  I went and got another account with the Recruit a Friend promotion, much like Syllus and Nim did to help each other out.  The bonuses from this are freaking awesome.  And for an altaholic, this is Blizzard sticking the bottle directly in my hands, uncorcked and all.  Nim and Syllus are a bit more efficient at leveling than I’ve been dual-boxing, but thats expected, as certain quests will take me a bit longer to accomplish and whatnot.  Not to mention that I took the time to do all of the Warlock demon quests, and then the Shaman totem quests whenever they were available, and since the bonuses require both characters to be in the same vicinity, all that was done one after the next.

So, speaking of the bonuses, lets do a quick recap of the bonuses:

Zhevra Mount: For the account who invited the friend if they subscribe for two months.

Triple Experience: For both accounts, when leveling and turning in quests, up to level 60 or after 90 days.  (Note: players have to be on each other’s friends list, in the same party and near each other when gaining xp for the bonuses to apply.)

Unused Rested Bonus:  All the rested xp that you get while logged out or standing in a city is accumulated, rather than used up, while you’re getting the triple bonus.

Summon Friend Ability: Once an hour you can summon your friend from the linked account.  This is especially useful since one of you can set your hearth in a major city and the other can set it to the area you’re questing in and you can summon each other back to train, and then back right away to level again.

Granting levels: For every two levels gained by the new account, the new account can grant up to one level for a lower level character on the old account.  (Note: This ability is taken away when the new account hits 60, so you would have to use them before then.)

The FAQ from Blizzard can be found here.

So my conclusion?  Of all the things people claim is OP in this game, this is truly OP.  For the two characters I started dual boxing, I hit level 40 in three days worth of playing (real time not game time).  This promotion is an altaholics dream.  I have always enjoyed trying out new classes and whatnot, and this is giving me a chance to do that, and get those characters to a high enough level that if I decide I want to bring them to Northrend I will totally be able to.  The only downside to this new promotion is that you level so fast that you won’t make enough money to train your spells without sending some gold from a higher level character, so I recommend doing that right away.

I think Blizzard’s intent with this promotion is to get some new subscriptions obviously, but to also allow those new players to make it to a high enough level to be able to participate in WOTLICKEE when it is released, which personally, I feel is a great idea.  Having started WoW after the release of BC, I know what its like to try and play catch-up to legions of players who had way more experience playing and started 59 levels ahead of me in the expansion.  This is the time to get a friend in game if they want to try it, so go ye and recruit a friend, you will love the rewards!


— Fikkle



One Response to “Dual-Boxing Bonanza and Recruit-a-Friend Fun”

  1. I agree, this is a great thing. Consider that the angst whinging is from the same parts of the community that think any change is a nurf; and old school pain is always better.

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