Delinquent Blogger

Yes I am.  I have a few posts in the works, they will be out shortly.  Thank you to those who answered the Call to Blog.  It was nice to see mail from other bloggers.  And some weird Gnomesnatcher… More on that later.

So, stayed tuned, when I am not having so much fun in game leveling, I will get to posting again.  I swear.  Or you can all mail me Delicious cave mold.  Unstacked.


— Fikkkle

Keep your stick on the ice!


2 Responses to “Delinquent Blogger”

  1. I think I’ll be farming [Slimy Bone] to mail you instead. And a Red Green reference? Wonderful.

    Welcome back to the blogospheretownvillefield.

  2. Thanks brosif, and the servers are up early, give Syllus a call and get on dude!

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