Recruit a Friend!

And ride one of these!

Whoa Nelly!

Whoa Nelly!

 Abadon is now riding around on his recruit a friend reward! But, i haven’t been on him much, as I have been lvling a priest with that wicked 3x xp while lvling with your buddies account! That’s right, 3X the xp!!!! He’s already lvl 29, and has only been around for 4 days! a total of 14 hours and change played time!!! This feels so wrong! Oh well, I plan on lvlking this priest with nimrock’s hunter, and then he’s going to lvl a druid with my shammy. Then we have plans for some high lvl alliance toons! So, back to the grind, I just thought you would all like to have a peek at my new ride!

~Uncle Sy


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