Altism on the rise

I’ve been doing alot of reading at work about autism. Aparently, it is on the rise in the united states. On further investigation, it would appear that it is on the rise, mostly due to several new disorders being lumped under the “autism umbrella.”

Why would I talk about this in a wow blog? Really, I have no clue, but, it makes an interesting paralel with my alt-ism being on the rise! I’ve been putting abadon and syllus on the backburner for a bit. In it’s place, I’ve been lvling a pally, in his 40’s, a warlock, in her 20’s, and a  shammy in her teens. I’ve been lvling them so that they always have rested xp. When one runs out, I log the other one. I’m making several observations about lvling this way. I love all three classes, and can see the viability, and the fun, in playing each class. The pally, spec’d prot, can take a beating forever and keep right on going. He’s been rolling with a rl buddy of mine, so while I hold everything, slowly beating them down with shield spike, holy shield, and ret aura, he picks em off with his bow. It’s a good plan, it works, and I CAN hold aggro!

The Warlock is fun as well, but definatly not in the same way. This is my second lock, but I’m too cheap to transfer my 54 lock to this server, so rerolling I go. Lock’s are alot like hunters, especially when you use the blueberry for solo grinding. Granted, it is diffarent, but has the hunter-pet feel to it for me. In a group, I know I play a diffarent roll. I have the most fun in groups with my lock, at this point I prefer the imp to the succubus, but have no problem pulling her out to do some cc or dps.

The shammy I’m rolling is so fun. I’m going to lvl her enhancement, and just beat the living crap out of everything, which is a blast when you are in the mood to stomp some alliance booty. It’s nice, I have the cash to get her some good weapons and decent chants as she lvl’s. She is staying pretty OP in my opinion.

Now, will abadon and syllus be making a comeback soon, probably yes. I’m just a bit burned out on end game content at the moment. I may just continue to do intermitten daily quests for gold, battlegrounds for honor (to save for wrath) and do some arenas to get some arena points as well(also save for lvl 80). If I do this, I could see two or three more toons hitting close to 70 before wrath comes out. Then I can decide which toon to take to 80 with abadon, as he will be 80 before anyone else. It might be fun having another class that has a bit more utility than a hunter, you know, a shammy that can heal, or a pally that could heal/tank/retnoob it up. Options are endless!!!

It’s also been a bit busy in sylus-land recently. I’ve been preparing to leave my job. It’s quite the hassle when you want the next person set up to take over, and not just leave them hanging! I’ve also been making all of the needed preparations to start back to school in three weeks. YIKES, I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! It’s scary, and exciting all at the same time. I’m now a non-traditional student…yes, I’m that middle aged lady in your classes with the rolling backpack and test curve destroying grade you all dread…sort of, all accept the lady part…and the backpack part…and the grade part…okay, so I’m not that lady, but I do feel like a dinosaur everytime I go on campus…

So, if you are every at pitt state university, look for me…I’ll be the guy with the for the horde hoodie on in the teachers education building. There can’t be too many of us that want to be teachers! Also, I’m not sure if one of us mentioned this to you before or not, but Fikkle and I are going on the Twisted Nether podcast! We are really excited to be on Bre and Fim’s show!!! Every week I look forward to hearing their guests share about what makes them tick. It’s always exciting! I’m ashamed to say I’m about two weeks behind on listening to them, but they are on my ipod ready to roll!!!

And, in other news, is BigRedKitty having a littleredkitty???? Stay tuned to BRK to find out!

So, until next time, keep mailing grimshott all of your mail, bug him to play more!!!

~Uncle Sy


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