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Mission Creep in Your Guild

Posted in Discussion, Guild, Humor on August 29, 2008 by Kor

The military is a lot like wow in a lot of ways.  They both have an extremely vibrant social community, different people that fulfill different roles, no matter how much you do in a single day, there is always more to do the next; there is frequent training in both and the guilds (in game) and units (in the military) have distinct structures and often come together to complete specific objectives.  Not to mention that they both use acronyms like they’re candy.  There’s probably more, but that is all I can think of at the moment.   

Okay, so? 

Anyways, the reason I bring this up is something known as mission creep.  According to Wikipedia: 

Mission creep is the expansion of a project or mission beyond its original goals, often after initial successes. The term often implies a certain disapproval of newly adopted goals by the user of the term. Mission creep is usually considered undesirable due to the dangerous path of each success breeding more ambitious attempts, only stopping when a final, often catastrophic, failure occurs. The term was originally applied exclusively to military operations, but has recently been applied to many different fields, mainly the growth of bureaucracies. 

What does that have to do with WoW? 

As I mentioned above, there are many similarities between WoW and the military.  So let’s do a little tweaking and look at the definition from a Warcraft perspective: 

Guild mission creep (GMC) is the expansion of a guild beyond its original goals, often after initial successes. The term often implies a certain disapproval of newly adopted goals by the player using the term. Mission creep is usually considered undesirable due to the dangerous path of each success breeding more ambitious goals, only stopping when a final, often catastrophic, guild implosion occurs. The term was originally applied exclusively to military operations, but has recently been applied to many different fields, mainly the growth of guild’s in Warcraft. 

Enough, already!  What the crap are you talking about? 

By now I’m sure you’re sick of reading definitions and if you haven’t given up on this post yet, you’re wondering where I’m going with this.  GMC is something I’ve noticed happen to guilds I’ve been in, as well as having read about on a few other WoW blogs.  One of the best examples of this would be BBB’s former guild, and anyone who read about it would know the background behind it. 

But that happened like forever ago, why are you talking about it now?   

That’s not a valid question, and if you voices in my head don’t shut up, I’ll just go crazy, then where will ya be?   


Thank you!  Okay, so where was I?  Right, GMC.  In terms that even my Orc would understand, its simply that the original goals that a guild was founded for, whether it be RP, PvP, Raiding, or just hanging out for fun, has become something of the past, and for any number of reasons, the guild has decided to change its focus. 

The example I talked about with BBB was that his guild began to raid more and more often, and its original focus (I can’t remember exactly what it is at the moment) was lost to more and more of the people in the guild wanting to raid.  Obviously, not everyone did, and BBB decided after much consternation, on and off his blog I’d imagine, decided to leave his guild and move on to a guild of RL friends where he could go back to being much more casual.  Now in that case, I don’t think his old guild imploded, but the change created an affect on the players within the guild and forced them to decide if that was what they wanted. 

That still doesn’t answer the question of why you’re bringing this up now, a gabazillion years after it happened… 

Well its my blog and I’ll do what I want.  And don’t make me go get the [17 Pound Catfish]!  That’s what I thought.  Anyways, a while back, around the same time that I was reading about the GMC with BBB’s guild, Sylus, myself and some of our other friends had transferred our toons to the Cenarion Circle server and started to look for a guild that was doing Kara and Gruuls, which is at about the level we were ready for. 

We joined Salvation, which lasted for a few weeks and saw us leave after the Drama Llama reared its ugly, Chimaera-like head.  That had nothing to do with GMC.  But, we and some others from that guild started a new guild that we planned to start doing Kara with and possibly teaming up with another Guild for Gruuls runs.  That had been our original focus, our Guild Mission, if you will. 

I will not! 

Yes you will, damn you!  Sorry, voices again.  I think I’ve subdued them for the moment.  Did you realize that you can do almost anything with the promise of cake?  True story. 

Anywho, we spent two to three months in this guild, doing Kara a number of times, but we never once had a full ‘guild’ run and quite often we would have to PUG four to five others to actually get a run started.  And if you’ve ever PUG’d Kara, Dax’s rendition of Pugging Kara Blues hits home.  The problem with this was that we hardly ever had more than 5 of the same people running together, which makes it extremely hard to build cohesion.  When we would finish for the night, we’d have to try to re-PUG others the next night to try to finish, which often never happened. 

But how is that the guild’s fault? 

It’s not really, but at the same time it became GMC because when we started the guild we wanted to get into progression.  That never happened and we basically got stuck in the mud.  Ultimately, over another appearance of the Drama Llama we left again.  This time, with the expansion looming closer each day, raiding seemed more and more like too much trouble for some and so we decided to start our own guild.  I ended up as the Guild Leader, and we invited all of our alts.  The purpose of the guild when we started was for levelling alts and hanging out with each other.  Since most of us were friends before the previous guild, we all wanted to stay together.  At the same time, we contacted another guild that was into Gruuls and Mags but was often short on players for their 25-mans.  We agreed to put one or two of our 70s in that guild for those of us who wanted to raid could still do so. 

Okay, so I still fail to see your grand vision of how this all makes sense… 

Bah!  /reportspam.  So I guess the whole point of all of this was to keep in mind what you’re guild was started for.  If you started out as a casual guild of friends that moved into raiding or a raiding guild that couldn’t make any progress, you’ll often find that the guild will fall apart or that some of the people in the guild will decide that its no longer for them.   

If you notice that your guild is beginning to change its focus, or not achieving the goals which you wanted, the best way to avoid it turning into a problem is to talk to the people in the guild.  If everyone wants to start doing something different together, than you can change the focus without a problem.  But ultimately, if different people in the guild want to start doing different things, than it may be best to part ways amicably so that everyone can do what they find fun in the game. 


— Fikkle


Three day weekend!

Posted in Random, Uncategorized on August 29, 2008 by sylus

And not soon enough, let me tell you, one week of school under my belt, and I’m so glad for a three day! I plan on spending all afternoon sunday, and all of monday playin wow! Now to convince the wife to let me! So, I’ve become pretty spoiled lvling with nimrock, and getting hte 3x exp. It’s really hard to go back and lvl a toon without it now,lol. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those that commented on what I should do with my shammy, but I’m still very clueless on which way to go.

I also wanted to give a shout out to that one guy in game that said hi, cause he heard me on Twisted Nether…seriously, you can say hi anytime…I kind of want a stalker,lol. Okay, not a “hi, I’m  at your house want to play?”, kind fo stalker, but a “hi guy, you’re pretty cool,” kind of stalker!

Well, have a great weekend, I’m off to eat some pizza, I’ll catch you on the flipside.



Posted in Hunter, Pets on August 28, 2008 by Kor

EDIT 1: Well, gotta head back to work, so no time for links at the moment, but I’ll get those in there later tonight.

EDIT 2: Corrected a lot of errors that I forgot I had to double check before I posted.  Thats what I get for writing this after midnight from memory and thinking, “Oh, I’ll double check that before I put it out for all the intertubz to read”.  I also changed pet #6 because I was waaaaaay off.  Nuff Said.  Links still  coming soon.

EDIT 3: Links are finally in.  If anyone notices any mistakes still, let me know, I was sleepy when this one was written.

With all the changes coming out about Rash of the Itch Thing for Hunter Pets, it’s a veritable zoo and exciting to say the least.

BRK is once again at the business end of the Dwarven Hand Canon when it comes to passing great info about Wrath, having obtained a spot in the ßeta, he’s eagerly testing things out and putting out videos like they’re breath mints.  Speaking of breath mints, if you haven’t given any to your pet lately, you may want to.  Its bad enough they chew the faces off of our enemies, the least we can do is make smell pleasant for them when our pets are panting on them.  He’s also recently posted a ‘who’s who in the zoo’ (See what I did there? Yes, I did go there).  He talks about the (pet) winners and losers in Wrath and even lists a few that are in between at the moment until more info comes out about how they perform.

Mania is also ever-vigilant in keeping Petopia updated with as much Hunter Pet info as she can find.  She has an amazing FAQ up about new WOTLKEE pets, hunters and screenshots with many new pets and skins coming in Wrath.  A great big thanks on behalf of all of us Hunters who appreciate the hard work that both BRK and Mania (as well as anyone else in the ßeta that is putting this info out for us to munch on).  Whether or not everyone else agrees, I couldn’t say, but I know that their tireless effort is much appreciated and a thank you from those of us not lucky enough to get a key never hurts.

So, since I can’t hope to devote enough time to match their efforts, (nor do I see any reason to duplicate them), I’m not goig to go into the news of the ßeta with respect to pets.  I am however going to discuss what my stable will look like in Wrath.  First off, one of my favorite changes in the ßeta is the addition of two additional stable slots.  /thankgod.  What does that mean to me?  Well, I’m now going to be able to keep 5 pets, instead of 2 while leveling and 3 at level cap.  That is just full of win (if it makes it live of course).  So this is going to be my top 6 Wrath Hunter Pets and why.  (6 because I’ll likely use one for leveling and change it at level cap).

1. Pet: Devilsaur (Ferocity)
Skin: White. I just like the way this one stands out.
Why: This is a sure thing for me.  Blizz could totally nerf <Monstrous Bite> and give them Dino Fart that caused a RAP reducing debuff on their owner and I’d still take it.  But its not likely that they will nerf it and MB seems like a great talent right now.  With the Devilsaur being a Ferocity Pet, its likely going to be right up there for top raiding pet post patch 3.0.

2. Pet: Hyena (Ferocity)
Skin: White or Black
Why: Of all the special abilities that have been released in ßeta, this one is the most exciting for me.  <Tendon Rip> (slows enemy movement for 6 sec; 20 sec cooldown, 25 focus) seems like it gives the most bang for its buck.  The movement impairing effect lasts six seconds, which gives a Hunter plenty of time to get away (4 more than intimidation currently) and being on a 20 sec cooldown, it can be reapplied quite often.  Nor does it cost the lion’s share of his focus (yes, I went there as well).  All that said, I’ll probably turn off his focus dump and use him mainly for BW/TBW and his kiting effect while pvp’ing.
Reason: PVP

3. Pet: Crocolisk (Tenacity)
Skin: River / Marsh
Why: <Bad Attitude> is full of win.  Period.  As an AoE tanking pet, the Crocolisk is going to be able to deal some pretty sweet AoE damage to anything that hits it.  If Mend Pet can keep him alive and he can survive multi-mob attacks, this is going to be easy mode.  I expect to use the Crocolisk as my leveling pet from 70 to 80.
Reason: BAD ATTITUDE (Okay, AoE / LEVELING, but Bad Attitude sounds so much better!)

4. Pet: Rhino (Tenacity)
Skin: Slate
Why: Aside from the Devilsaur, I think this is one of the coolest additions to the Zoo.  I have yet to watch the video BRK put out with this bad boy, but I’ve seen the screen shots (and the video as well now).  Under Beastial Wrath he looks just freaking huge.  And destructive.  Might as well call him <Mammoth> (Dibs on that name, btw).  Provided their special ability (when it comes out) is viable, I’ll likely use this beast whenever I don’t NEED to be using something else.

5. Pet: Wolf (Ferocity)
Skin: Frostwolf (Dire Wolf Skin Light Blue)
Why: While BRK termed this pet a toss up due to its buff <Furious Howl> only affecting melee, I’m likely going to have one anyways.  Grimshott’s from the Frostwolf clan, yo!  EDIT:  Much thanks to Drotara at Less QQ, More Pew Pew for pointing out that Furious Howl does now affect the Hunter which is a nice change! 
Reason: RP

6. Pet: Chimaera (Cunning)
Skin: Blue
Why: First off, I’m sorry Bre, I know you have this whole tryst going on with the Chimaera, but I think these things are ugly and I can’t believe I’m actually considering this.  But if they can get the <Froststorm Breath> working properly it might be like having your very own Frost Mage/Ele Shammy pet running around with you.  Kiting plus lightening?  I’m in, even if the thing does look like a rat lizard with wings and too many heads… Let me tame a real dragon and I’ll be happy!
Reason: ABILITIES ARE BETTER THAN IT LOOKS (and by it I mean the pet, not the ability).



— Fikkle

Shama-lama-ding-dong, or the lazy blogger?

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How goes the wide world of the webs this fine morning? Fine morning you say, but sy, I thought you were in school, and have to go to classes? Well folks, not this fine morning! Thursdays are my free day. I have no classes, and didn’t get called to substitute teach today, so, I get a free morning!!! I think I’ll play, or do homework….but first play a bit!

I had to take a minute and get back to you, the loyal readers of 4thehorde first! So, today’s post is about my little shammy. Her name is Gozra, and this is my first shammy past like lvl 10. I’m having a blast lvling her with nimrock’s little druid, and he has a 70 shammy, so he’s been pretty good about advice, but, I want to ask you guys about shammy’s. I’m lvling her enhancement, and it’s going pretty well, but what about end game for a shammy? how do they stack up against each other as resto, enh, or shocker? Heck, I know so little about shammies, I might have gotten those wrong! So, here she is, and please leave me some advice! I reallly need a hand here. If I don’t get anything good I’ll read the forums, but I know you guys will come through for me here!

So easy, a cave man could do it

So easy, a cave man could do it

Old Man

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At what age in life does one pass over to the dark side? You know, the side where it doesn’t matter how much sleep you’ve had in the past few days, but if you stay up a few hours later than you are use too, it’s too late and your body now rejects you? You know, when you wake up the next morning with the alarm, and say to yourself, I’m too old for this. Well folks, its 27. Yes, 27. As of this morning, I am now old. Enjoy the rest of your day. No, I didn’t have a birthday, but I stayed up too late last night…

~Uncle Sy

We got Twisted!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2008 by sylus

It’s been a busy day kids. I slept in this morning, that was freakin sweet, then I finished homework. It took me about 2 hours to write a paper, and read about 20 pages. I am a slow homework guy. Then, after the servers came back up, ol’ Nim and I lvl’d our shammy druid combo up to 30. They were already 28, so not a huge deal, but it was a great hour or so playin. Then, it was off to class for me. I have an evening class, well, 5pm every tuesday. But, before going out the door, I saw something that excited me….Twisted Nether Blogcast was downloading on my itunes. ..Wait, twisted nether episode 14? YES, OUR EPISODE CAME OUT!!!

Yes, that’s right, Fikkle and I were just interviewed last friday, and are so stoked to finally see how it all went down. So, I listened to it on my 45 minute drive to Pittsburg, and I ahve to say, I am very pleased with the show. Fikkle and I didn’t come off sounding like total idiots!!! Who knows, maybe Shawn or Patrick will be calling us soon to see if we want to come on “How I Wow.” Okay, so probably not, but hey guys, if you read this, we would LOVE to come say hi! And by love, I mean totally geek out and pass out for about a week, then eventually get back to you once we figured out why we had passed out!!!

So, that’s it for tonight kiddo’s, I gotta crash. I have more classes in the morning. Peace out in the big bad house.

~Uncle Sy

World of real life

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So, how was everyone’s weekend, take a minute to think about all of the fun things you did, all that you accomplished….okay, now back to me. This was my last free weekend before the fall semester started. Now, here I sit, almost 30 minutes before my first class starts, and I’m typing out what I did in wow this weekend. I’m truely a nerd.

This weekend was great for wow. Nimrock and I lvled our shammy-druid combo to 28. This has turned out to be a great combo. We can both do some great dps, can both pop a few heals here and there, and can both rez when we occationally get in to deep, which I’m sad to say happens too much! I also had the opportunity to do some battle grounds with my lvl 59 pally, also a product of the recruit a friend lvling scheme. Battlegrounds as a prot-aoe grind spec pally is quite fun. Survivability is through the roof, and even if you don’t top the charts damage wise, you still put a big dent in people. I ran around with a dps warrior during one of the AB battlegrounds, and we were an unstoppable force! Between the two of us we capped three nodes, defended the third until the end of the match, which we smoked btw, and neither of us died. In fact, neither of us came close to dying! We were an unstoppable threat! At one point there were five incoming alliance toons. I put out the call for help over the bg chat, and we started rolling heads, assuming we would just be holding them off until help oculd arrive at our last dying breaths…not even close. Three of the incoming were in the low 50’s. The other two, clothies, dropped like flies. By the time the help arrived, there were only the two clothies left, and one of them was barely still with us! I got to my lowest point of ehalth during this matchup, and then just barely below 50% !!! That was an easy fix, and had things gotten worse, I could have easily done the ol’ bubble and heal thing pallies are famous for! Pallies have so many get out of jail cards, and It’s a blast in BG’s. Of course, knowing he would be 59 a while, I might have chanted the crap out of his gear, and gotten a few nice armor upgrades,hehehe. So, I have a semi-twink 59 pally, who wouldn’t do the same?

The icing on the cake for the weekend was definatly my gold medalion finally comin in the mail. It came for Errebus, but hey, I’m not going to complain. He earned it this weekend. I wish items were account soulbound, rather than toon soulbound, Abadon would be rockin around with the dragon rahter than Errebus!!!

Well, until next time, 4thehorde!

~Uncle Sy