Call to blog!

This may seem a bit cheesy, but it’s something that must be done! Fikkle hasn’t posted in days…almost weeks. Now, I understand he’s all off in Hawaii, living it up, chillin on the beach with hotties, sipping cold drinks, and bathing in the sun….nevermind I wouldn’t be posting either…but, I digress. This is a rally cry. I want as many people as possible to create a horde alt on cenarian cirle. Once said Horde alt is at a mailbox(and has 30 copper) send Grimshott (fikkle’s hunter) a message. I really don’t care what you say in it, but it needs to say something about how he is a lazy blogger, and how he needs to get back to work. Heck, tell him you are all sick of sylus, even if he is a sexy devil! I challenge you all, can we get 20 messages to him? 50? 100???? This is almost as good as the tasty cavemold scam way back in the day. (We would send as much tasty cave mold to whoever was gone for an extended period of time, in single stacks of course. This was back when mail mods weren’t on the top of our priority list, so it took forever to clear out all of the mold!

Have fun with this, lets see how bad we can annoy him! BTW, you can say hi to me too if you want too, just drop a line to abadon.



5 Responses to “Call to blog!”

  1. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    Done! Pugnaci hit 92 cents and level 2 before wandering flat footed, red troll priest hair steaming out behind her on a hunt for the nearest mailbox in Razor Hill… her victory dance on the table cooker after did not impress the trolls in the bar.. where she was promply kicked out onto the street in nothing but her undergarments…

  2. Haha message posted. GL getting to 100 🙂
    samownall – Wow Blogger

  3. That’s evil! I like it! ^_^

  4. Rzor hill is the place to be… a baaaad Orc stole your Gnome fireligher.. but you can read about that in the ransom demands

  5. […] OK, ages ago, Sylus placed a call to harass Fikkle while he was away.  I was one of those that did, however my identity remained a secret for a long time.  In fact, I […]

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