Beta Flava’

I am drooling over the talent trees that blizzard has put up on their wow homepage. I’ve been sitting at work all morning building, and rebuilding multiple builds. I’m so wanting to stay with a BM build, as I am in love with the idea of new “exotic” pets. Some of the talents seem so worth staying!!! Then, I start playing around with mm, and sv builds. wow. All of the trees look like they have gotten some serious loving. I will definatly be playing around with them when they come live. I’m just hoping for a grace period where it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to try out several new builds!

Now, I could have gotten into a ton of details about each and every talent that has been added, or revamped, but fikkle has this thing for not wanting to hear about the stuff yet. Me, I’m drooling over all of this. I unfortunatly will be starting back to school in about 3 weeks (I’m not a youngin, just going back for a second bs degree….)

So, play time should be down, but blog time will be higher, as I have three 1 hour breaks during my class schedule on mwf. So, I may not be playing as much as I would like to, but, I hope to be writing about every minute of play time!

So, until next time, stay classy Azeroth!

~Uncle Sy


3 Responses to “Beta Flava’”

  1. Kinzlayer Says:

    Ouch, going back to school. You are about to do what I still can’t motivate myself to do or even start doing. I should really go take my GMAT and start an MBA course but I just still can’t motivate myself yet… maybe as I get a few more years and hit the “average” age range of ppl working on their MBA it will be easier, somehow.

  2. Kinzlayer Says:

    oh yah, Wrath will be very lovely for us all, regardless of classes and specs it seems.

  3. Oh yeah, Wrath will be soooooo tasty.

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