Tabbards Galore!

So, a few posts back I said how I had gathered nine unique tabbrads. So, here they are, in all of their tabbardly glory.

smexy red and blue

smexy red and blue

 This is the typical guild tabbard. It goes quite well with the two pieces of beast stalker’s armor Abadon is still sporting here.

scarlet crusader? I think not

This was one of the first tabbards I collected. My wife’s toon, Rhonna, and I each got one in a single trip through SM armory!

Mag'har = epicorcwin

This is showing off true orc pride here, my mag’har tabbard is all win!



This is one of my newest tabbards, this show’s I’m a flyboy, the sha’tar skyguard tabbard!

Scout Abadon....scouting? I was never a boy scout...

This is showin Horde pride here, the scouts tabbard. I still don’t have the upgraded version, I still have to gather a few more marks to get it as well.

Scryer 4 life

I have to rock out the scryer pride every now and then. I mean come on, the shoulder chat alone was worth getting to exalted!!!

boring quests, but I like the gold.../wrist

Here’s my Isle dailies tabbard( I forgot what it is called, and as I’m at work, I won’t bother looking it up). Nothing else says “I’m a gold hungry daily quest grinding whore like this one!!!


Here is my beautiful tabbard I got doing a quest that was available the few weeks preceeding BC. When I click it, I get all flexy and glowy, so cool looking. It also looks like the argent dawn tabbard if I remember right.

Frostwolf Clan = better than you

I saved this one for last, I gotta represent my frostwolf clan pride! Give it up for way too much AV yo!

So, there you have em, all of my beautiful tabbards. I hope to add to them soon, I am saving for the wsg tabbard, and the upgraded scouts tabbrad, I forget what it’s called. Then I’m also plugged through revered with cenarian exp., so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be rocking that as well as the birdy mount they have as well. There are a few others I could bust butt out there and get, but I’ll stick with those before I jump into other things, like the thrallmar one, I’m not that far into revered for that.  So, until later, have a great day.

On another note, I’m back to work for two weeks, so hopefully I’ll post a bit more frequently!!!

~Uncle Sy


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