I got me Gold Back!

So, today was a busy day. Not a bad busy, but a busy day. I finally got to watch the Dark Knight. It was Awesome! But, this morning something more awesome happened. I logged into wow, checked some auctions, then looked to see that I had mail. So, I wasn’t by a mail box, so I did the whole, scroll over the icon thing, and who’s name do I see…Grimshott! Whom is suppose to be away in Hawaii. I’m guessing he still is in Hawaii, that’;s why he hasn’t been on much, I mean come on, who would be, it’s stinkin HAWAII!!!! I had a short one lined note from him, I don’t even remember what it said, it was what was attached to it that was the bread and butter. I had loaned him 1k gold for his elite flying mount. I had been saving it for Nimroc, who I am helping get his flying mount, but I had it and I had not seen nim in a few days, so I figured fikkle will give it back. So, Nim when you see this, call me, I have some gold to throw at you, and with one good round of dailies, we can go out and get your epic flyer!!!

Catch you all later, and btw, I haven’t forgotten my fashion show of tabbards, I’m just trying to get one more before I show em all off!

~Sylus aka Abadon


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