Some follow up pictures

Fikkle’s post about his week was very entertaining to read, but I thought a few visuals for some of those stories were in order. So, here is a quick update on those. First, khaza didn’t get his tabard of the scarlet crusade, but what a site to aggro a whole instance and down them all in one spot, it was hilarity!


Next, here is a picture of Abadon, his first time in ZA!!!! While Fikkle bowed out, I stuck around and got to down the bear boss for my first time ever! And to top it all off, I was second on the DPS chart with 923 dps!!!WOW I never expected to see those kind of numbers!


And finally, I found Fikkle’s epic duel picture! *Sinse he didn’t post it yet, I decided to take it unto myself to take care of it!


Hope you don’t mind me havin a little fun with ya fikkle!!!

And, in sad news, I’ll be totally away from the interwebs for a week, starting in about 1 hour. I’m taking a bunch of kids away to a church camp for the week. It will be fun, but no posts for me.( suddenly I feel like the post nazi.) Anyway, have a good week, get some gold, and down a boss or two, and remember, FOR THE HORDE YO!!!!

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