An Epic Week In Review

Okay, so first off, I know posts have been light lately. And by light I mean non-existent. We’re sorry, we’ve been having so much fun in game, we haven’t had time to blog about it all.

Monday I decided that it was about darn time that I started saving for an epic flyer. Since first hitting 70 I’ve either found an alt to occupy would-be farming time or have found other frivolous ways to spend my hard earned gold. Since getting my second 70, most of my gold has been spent on repeated enchants and constant re-gemming for the near daily upgrades I was getting. I’m not complaining, mind you, but I decided it was finally time to start the long haul to 5k.

Tuesday was Pox time for White Pox, and we utterly destroyed Black Fathom Deeps. It has been a long, long time since I’ve done a full run through that instance, as it is pretty much out of the way and gets skipped very often. But it was all great fun, from Othar forgetting to surface to breath to Nymea lighting three flames at once (doh). Upgrades were had by all and we even had some fun during a mid run pause…

One other interesting thing happened while the run was taking place. One Among Many popped on to her pox toon and mentioned that she had picked up her alliance Druid on Cenarion Circle. And then she CHALLENGED ME TO A DUEL! So of course, being the honorable hordie that I am, I couldn’t refuse. We set the date for the weekend, and since its Sunday morning now, hopefully we’ll get a chance to duel before sundown. Expect an epic follow up. ūüėÄ

After Pox, I logged back over to my main as the guild had scheduled a new day for Kara, but unfortunately, it was the one time they decided to start on time. So I missed Attuman, Moroes and Opera. Later on a few had to drop so I ended up getting to down Maiden and Nightbane (which was the first time I’ve seen him killed ever!).

Wednesday wasn’t all that remarkable as most of my time was spent farming and doing dailies. Let the gold pile up! I did take a break from grinding however, and decided to roll a warrior/priest together. Now, I’m no dual-boxing expert, so I did the whole ghetto set up on two separate computers. I did set up heal macros for the priest with separate auto targets for the warrior and himself. So the warrior ran around smacking things in the face while the priest through a heal every now and then. Its not a perfect set up, but I found it quite entertaining and relaxing as opposed to worrying about managing aggro on a raid boss.

Thursday is also a Kara-run day. It’s actually the normal run time, so we decided to try and finish up for the week. The GL set the form up time for 5:30 to start at 6:00 and at about 6:10 we had a full 10. About ten minutes later as we were getting inside, our raid leader announced that one of the original members from Tuesday’s run had shown up so someone would have to go. I decided I’d step down so I missed out on the rest of the run for the week. I loaded up my warrior/priest and did some more dual-boxing for a while before I went back to the gold grind.

I also finally bit the bullet and decided to bring my Druid (Anteaus) from his PvP-server home on Coilfang to Cenarion Circle. I actually missed playing him quite a bit and its always nice to have a healy class available if they’re needed. He came over at about 50% through level 64 and hit 65 by the end of the night.¬† I also decided to attune him to Naxx.¬† The reason being, on Cenarion Circle there is a chat channel called oldschool that does a lot of pre-BC raids, using the channel to organize and get people who are interested together.¬† Since I missed a lot of those, I’ve joined to be able to see some of the old content.¬† A few months back I went into AQ20 and AQ40, last week, I took Grim into Zul’Gurub and there has been talk about going through Naxx some time soon.¬† So I’m at least ready now.

Friday was another great day. Most of my time was spent on dailies, until our guild’s main tank asked if we wanted to get a semi-guild, seim-pug Zul’Aman run going. I was down. So after an agonizingly long time trying to find a tenth (and second tank) we finally got in and I got to see ZA for the first time. We only had two healers and ended up wiping four or five times on the Bear boss before it was decided a third healer was required. I volunteered to step out again and finished up a lot of delinquint dailies and they downed him good and hard. A little while later I got asked back for the Eagle boss as several members had to log and we took three attempts at him before we called it due to trash respawns.

Saturday I decided to bite the bullet first thing and finished about 90% of my dailies as early as possible.¬† I got a another heroic run in and managed to level Anteaus to 66.¬† Nothing really too spectacular, but all in all a pretty full day.¬† Right now, I’m sitting at just under 4k gold and I already purchased the actual mount, so all I need is the 5k riding training.¬† I’m hoping that with a little farming I can have all of that by Monday evening and have my epic flyer before I have to leave for work again.¬† I’m going to Hawaii this time, so I’m looking forward to it, but I’m unsure as to what my wow time is gonna be like :s.

So, things I forgot.¬†¬†Abadon and I¬†ran our main tank’s druid alt through Blood Furnace a bunch of times to get her some really nice healy upgrades.¬† It was actually a lot of fun coordinating the utter destruction brought on by two BM Hunters!¬† Fikkle, Aba and our Ritzu, our MT Prot Pally decided to run my little brother’s baby-pally¬†through SM a bunch of time to get him his Scarlet Tabard, which will make him 100% look like a Scarlet Crusader.¬† The utter destruction brought on by an AoE Prot Pally and an AoE Frost Mage is just amazing.¬† 5 minute full clears were so much fun.¬† He unfortunately didn’t get his tabard, but he still looks pretty cool all decked out in the rest of their armor.¬† Aba, Nimrock and I did our second week of Warrior + 2 BM Hunter Arena 3v3’s.¬† We’re pretty terrible, sitting at 5¬†– 15 on the season and we know its because we don’t have a healer.¬† Unfortunately, none of us have a healer, and we want to do Arenas together, so we’re pretty¬†hooped there.¬† Some time last week I did a marathon of heroics, dowing six or seven in one day and getting enough badges to pick up Angelista’s Revenge, which is very sweet.¬† Dish has begun leveling a pally on our server and has hit 45 if I remember right.¬† My brother’s pally just hit 40 and he’s got his first ever mount.¬† I’ve been donig AV like its going out of style and have managed to get Grim both his Frostwolf Howler and his Frostwolf Tabard, as well as finally being able to pick up his season 4 belt.¬† Finally, Ritzu managed to pick up her Nether Drake on her Shadow Priest, GRATS!

And I think that’s it.¬† Sorry for the long ramblings, but that’s what I’ve been up to lately.¬† Hopfully tomorrow there will be some screenies of epic duals and maybe monday I’ll be able to zip around Outlands a whole lot faster.

Keep your stick on the ice!


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