“I summoned this red chunk of something”

How is everyone out there in blogland doing? Great to hear. I’ve had a very eventful vacation, some in Azeroth, some outside of the world. Yesterday was definatly one of those “in Azeroth” moments. I had a buddy over, who is dying to try world of warcraft. He hears me talking about it, and saying how much fun it is, and talking about the lore, it makes him drool. He’s a nerd like that, not that I’m any diffarent really. So, I have a laptop, and my desktop, so I figure we’ll get hi a trial account. Here’s the thing about my buddy, he’s a gaming nerd. He’s never played an mmo, but loves the crap outof oblivion, morrowind, kotor, anything rpg. He dove right in, learned all of the key bindings in minutes! He is having a blast with the game, and even though he isn’t sure he has the time, he wants to get into wow. As you can see from the title, he said a few things that totally blew me away when I heard them. For starters, he rolled a rogue. He’s all stabby happy, and lvoing it, then about 20 minutes into his gaming session, he says, “hey dude, that was cool, I just summoned this red chunk of something, did I earn a power there?” I was flabbergasted, i had no clue what he was talking about, had he just hacked the game, and given a rogue a totally new power???? Nope, midsummer festival buff. It only took me 10 minutes to figure that one out. Sometimes the most innocent things can make my head hurt!

This jsut in, I got a call from Fikkle, he’s at work, Go read Mania’s Arcania, SIGN UP FOR THE WRATH BETA IS OUT TODAY!!!!!!


4 Responses to ““I summoned this red chunk of something””

  1. A battle to the death! Jadenrose, boomkin happy chica challenges Fikkle or any such lvl 70s to a friendly duel on CC sometime this weekend.

    Mostly this is just a reminder since we already spoke about it once. I only have the pvp blues (from honor) right now though. Perhaps a duel with all parties in honor blues and then another with whatever other armor is chosen (even if its Massive upgrades).

    Play to your best they say. Even if you outgear me by a thousand times – I will fight to the death! To honor my puple feathered brethren!

  2. Alice Thorn Says:

    Haha. Funny story!

  3. @ One Among Many – Okay, so I mentioned this to everyone earlier this week and totally forgot about it because I’ve been working towards saving for my first epic flyer.

    However, the weekend is not over! I shall be in game tomorrow, hopefully we’ll still be able to get the epic battle we’ve been hoping for!

    I’ve got a dwarf warrior to help coordinate a time/place for ARMAGEDON!


  4. Hey Fikkle, sorry our battles didn’t get underway. By the end of the day I was beat. Spent the weekend at my mom’s and had to make the trek homeward bound.

    We’ll definitely get some battles off the ground soon though before I respec yet again heh. Actually I don’t think I’m pvp moonkin spec’d atm…just pve – but we’ll just have to see what happens!

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