Happy Canada Day! (A day late)

So, how is everyone doing this fine Tuesday morning? Good, good to hear. I’m glad to see you got that bad case of dandruf cleared up. Yeah, we all noticed…Today, I’m sitting in a hospital cafeteria, waiting to get into the room to see my sister, and her new baby boy! The dad si super stoked, and has been with us already, cheesing from ear to ear!

Now, back to the warcraft, enough of this mushy gushy real life junk! I would love to tell you all that I have had a crapton of time to play over the past three days, but sadly, I have been away alot. I’ve been enjoying the start to my vacation, and am looking forward to many trips into Azeroth. The little time I have had in game, has been spent doing BG’s with abadon, whom just got his medalion of the Horde…the 8k one, not the 40k one. I’ve also been lvling up my warlock. I am really liking the female orc’s. As ugly as they are, their is a certian apeal about them. She is going to make a great lock. I lvled her from 16 to 21 over the past few days during my brief stints in Azeroth, so I am hoping to get her to 29 by friday. Then I can BG, get her a few things, her trinket, some gear, and throw a few marks back for a rainy day. Well, this post is short, but I need to get upstairs and go see the new little guy, so until next time Azeroth, keep makin babies!



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