As we go to Northrend, We’re Melting Away!

Blizzard still hasn’t made an announcement on the release date for Wotlickie(wrath of the lich king for those that don’t speak fikklease) But, Blizzard has a few cool announcements up their sleeves!

Blizzard announces an account authenticator doohickey. This looks promising, but what happens if I loose it? Am I locked out of the game until I get a new one? I love the concept on this idea, but the jury is still out on if it will work as intended.

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational starts this week. Europeans are so lucky! I wish I could travel over, meet Frenchie, Tobold, and all of the other lucky European blizzard fans that have their turn finally! Keep us up to date on all of the great stuff you find out about!

We all know and love the Wow TCG, if for nothing else, for the wonderful loot cards. The next expansion, The Hunt for Illidan, will be available July 1st. They went all out on the loot cards again, and I’m so excited. The new loot cards are killer! Check em out for yourself, I personally will have a disco ball!

And finally, we get to feel like the Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz,” according to scientists “We’re Melting!”

Enjoy this collection of interesting things to read, and I’ll catch up with you all later. On a side note, today I start my one month, yes you read it right, one month vacation!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

I hope to see you all in Azeroth, if you are ever on cenarian circle, give abadon, syllus, impios, errebus, or missbanklady a yell!!!


4 Responses to “As we go to Northrend, We’re Melting Away!”

  1. unfortunately if you lose your little token you must get on the phone with Blizzard’s billing support….I’ve no clue how long that would take. They don’t specify if they give you another “device” for free, they just say you have to take it up on the phone and answer security questions to prove who you are, etc.

    The problem I see with it would be for multiple family members all using 1 account to play during scheduled times. Lets say little Brad has the key during his time, but leaves the house on an errand with the key…well guess what, little Julie can’t play now because the account is setup to ONLY be played with the code generated by that device. I could see a work around – being on the cell phone.

    “John are you at the login screen?”
    “Yeah I’m here”
    “K, pushing the button”
    “K spell it out…go go go”

    [Insert John frantically trying to type every letter of the code before the time is up]

    So I suppose that’d work…

    They do note, while any account can be setup to notice the device – it’s difficult to get out of it. Once its setup, you get to go through Hell to get it off your account. Makes sense…why set it up only to want to remove it? Seems a little haxor-esque…so I’m sure they give you the 3rd degree.

    I wont be getting one.

  2. It’s still up in the air, I may get one, I may not. I would guard that thing with my life! I would hate to go without wow, or even have to go through the third degree with blizzard. They might send out heir hired goons, you know, little tony, and fat houston, to rough me up. I’m not into getting roughed up, trust me, I’m a weak one when it comes to the brawlin. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  3. Well if they send their goon squad to your house, let me know. I’m currently spec’d resto and can heal you through anything they can dish out. In your face, Blizz!

    Since I game on a mac and am very protective over it (cautious), I don’t see the need for the device…but for a lot of other people it might be just what the doctor ordered.


  4. YES! Resto Spec FTW!!! Bring it Blizz! One among many got my back!!!

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