So, what do they call that when an alcoholic, or a drug addict, goes a few days without drinking or getting high? You know, where they start to shake, get fidgety, have bad headaches, cold sweats, vomit alot, and crap themselves because they can’t get to the bathroom through all of the spinning going through their heads? Oh yeah, withdrawl. If it was smoking, I’d just do this,addicted

But, fortunatly for my job, I don’t have wow on my work computer!

So, it’s been two days sinse I have had the opportunity to get into the world of warcraft, and I think I may be starting to be addicted…Here are a few of the signs.

1. Last night, when I went to go to bed, something was nagging me in the back of my head, I couldn’t quit put my finger on it, but it was something… So, I tried to forget about it and go to sleep. Then a few minutes later, right when I had gotten to that, not quit awake, but still not asleep stage, it hit me. I had auctions that should have sold over the past 48 hours…I had to get up and check them…

2. After checking said auctions(all of 5 minutes) I decided I was too tired to continue on, and needed to get some rest, afterall, I still have to make an appearance at work the following day, plus the wife thinks I’m crazy. So, back to bed I went.

3. In my wonderful dream filled world known as sleep what did I dream about? You guessed it, World of Warcraft. Was it a grand dream about finally getting exalted with faction X, or finally getting into Black Temple and getting all the way through on our first attempt? No, I’m not that interesting apparently. I was dreaming about farming thorium in winterspring…FREAKING WINTERSPRING!@!@!@! HOW FREAKING BORING AM I???

4. This morning, I get up, check my auctions, even before I get into the shower. Now, that on the other hand is totally normal, I do that every day! After my shower I knew that if I sat down at the computer I would end up staying home until noon and lvling some odd skill here, or some new alt there, so I went to work. Now I want coffee, and wow. Both of which I don’t think I can function without going through some form of withdrawl.

So, last night when I logged in, some guildies were asking about Fikkle. I told them that he was away to the magical world of Iceland and might not have the interwebs. They then proceeded to inform me that he had been on the night before, so apparently all is well with Fikkle, as he has the interwebs, but their are some time zone’s between here and there, so I may just not be lining up with him on the in game schedule. This means he might be making an appearance here and there on these here blogs. So, to you Fikkle, have fun in the land of ice, and see you if I see you in game, and have a safe trip back! If my withdrawl is getting bad from 2 days, and if you aren’t actually playing, yours has to be through the roof bad! Take an aspirin and go lay down brotha!!!

Fighting gaming addictions one day at a time,



3 Responses to “NO WOW 4 TWO DAYS!!!”

  1. Iceland is actually mostly land of green, while Greenland is actually mostly land of ice. Irony?

    Time passes fast when you’re playing WoW…

  2. Not really, they were named that way to trick would-be settlers into going to Greenland… Eeeeeevil? Oh heck ya! Me thinks they may have had a “Let the warlock name stuff” day!

    Oh and Sy, I’ve been playing WoW more than you have apparently… My shammy is now up two or three more levels and although I have an epic quest that involves copious amounts of Crown Royal to accomplish tonight, I may make an in-game appearance… Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to toggle off the beer goggles for this one…

    Fikkle, Epic Quester

  3. LOL, well, at least you are plaing, how many hours diffarence is there? Either way, I’ll be around tonight, guild kara night, guess we’ll be down one hunter! Cause tonight you would be a huntard!

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