The Wow Night that Wasn’t

So, last night was a blast! As I stated in my last post, I was going to a Kansas City Royals game. I had so much stinkin fun!!! I know this is a wow blog, and I should honestly try to post something about wow atm, but I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience at the “K” (Kauffman Stadium).

I now have a new favorite baseball player, the last player I obsessed over was Jaun Gonzales way back when he was a powerhouse playing for the Texas Rangers. My new pro-ball-player-extrordinare is Jim from “The Office.” OK, so maybe it’s not Jim from the office, but holy crap he looks so much like him! Here is a picture of Alex Gordon, my new fav player…(BTW, he is now in the majors)

Alex Gordon


And here is a picture of Jim Halpert, from the office.



Now, as you can see, they are one and the same, Jim is Alex Gordon, and Alex Gordon is Jim from the Office. It is fact.

So, as I wasn’t in Azeroth yesterday, I have nothing new to report on my progress list. I hope that tonight the list is widdled down a bit more. Have a great day out there and stay funky-fresh Azerothians!!!



6 Responses to “The Wow Night that Wasn’t”

  1. Although there is a striking similarity, I’d have to say that they’re twins and Alex Gordon was the one that took too many steroids. His neck looks ginormous in that picture.

    Hope your ball game went better. I took a night off from WoW to go to the Mets – Mariners game. It was an (un)exciting 11-0 blowout. The game may have been a dud, but I still had tons of fun.

    We got to see Beltran and the new Manager both get tossed from the game, and six or seven guys got escorted out by security a section over from us. Now that’s exciting.

  2. YES! I love it when mayhem ensues at a baseball game! It’s nothing like hockey mayhem, but awesome all the same! As for them being twins, you may be right, but I say Alex is He-Man, as Jim is to Adam.


  3. Don’t mean to be a nitpick spelling, but as a fellow “The Office” fan, I can’t help but correct you. It’s “Jim Halpert”, not Harper. Congratz on the fun night out away from WoW

  4. OH CRAP! Thanks for the heads up, I’m fixing it now!

  5. Don’t unleash the spelling police…you wouldn’t like me when I’m nerdy…

  6. I spelz liek iz wanza spelz.

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