#6 gets a check!

6. Lvl my new warlock. She is a female orc, as I decided that I didn’t like my undead warlock, and would rather lvl a new one to 54 to catch him, than transfer my lock to this server. Plus, he is on a pvp server, so if I decided  to go back, I have a highish lvl toon.  I’d like to get her to 30 before the mount price goes down, that would rock!


Well, sort of,lol. I hti lvl 11 last night, she was 6 when I started about two hours earlier. It wasn’t solid gaming time either, I ended up doing a few odds and ends around the house when the opportunity presented itself(when the wife told me to do something). I would have liked to get her to 15 last night, but oh well, you can’t win them all.

Tonight will be a no wow night. I’m going to catch a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Yes, wow players go out into the real world to do things once and a while!!! They are playing the Colorado Rockies, so it should be a decent game. If nothing else, the Shaboigan sausage will be delish!!!

Well, hopefully I can get to a few of the other items on my list this week, especially the season 2 arena items for honor. That hits today, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! Too bad it will be tomorow after work at the earliest…Anyway, have fun out there!



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